Tuesday, August 15, 2017

New Session 13

Friends, this Saturday, August 19th is the beginning of Session 13 and we are so excited to be in our new space! We've given it a few practice runs and are happy to be in this new, bright area. Hopefully most of you received an email with details about joining us, please let us know if you need more information or didn't get the original email.

This week we will not be sewing together, since we want lots of time for introductions and eating (my favorite). Feel free to bring Show and Tell and/or a plate of something to share. To read more about the transition click here.

We hope to see you on Saturday at 11am! Look for yellow balloons.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Meeting in Review: July 2017 Quick Curve Ruler

This new space is going to work out so great for us. I loved seeing so many faces, and hearing so many machines humming. I loved that people can pop in and out with whatever works for their schedules. I loved the extended sharing and friendship we can have in this bright, big room. 

Thanks to everyone who showed a preview of their Quick Curve Ruler work this morning. I look forward to seeing some finished pieces in coming months - I saw lots of great color combinations being started today. 

Elisa used Kaffe with the Deco Tumbler pattern.

She also started the new Mod Owls pattern.

Ella made a beautifully quilted mini using Chic Picnic.

Bethia used Metro Rings and loves how jelly roll friendly it is.

And Jenn Barclay is bravely cutting into her CF collection to make a Chic Country quilt.

Next month is our official Grand Opening party in our new space. We will not have open sew time in August, because we will be too busy with our introductions and eating. Please come ready to meet new people, and consider bringing a plate of something to share with everyone for our potluck. Neither is required, but my favorite is chocolate cupcakes in case anyone was wondering. We will roll out our new group project and schedule for the coming months, our new name tags, and have sign ups for some fun exchanges we've got planned. There will also be a sewing TV tray demo, for those who haven't had their sewing revolutionized yet by having one nearby for every project. If you haven't paid electronically, you can also pay annual dues in person on this day. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

July Meeting.....Quick Curve Ruler Supply List

Supply List for
Meeting on
Saturday, July 8th

REMINDER!!  Meeting date has been changed to 
Saturday, July 8th,
11:00 am – 2:00 pm
at the Highland City Community Center
(5378 West 10400 North, Highland).

Quick Curve Ruler Workshop

Here is the supply list for July. We will do the basic table runner pattern to familiarize
 you with using the ruler and you can branch out later if you like.  
Class members, who want to participate in the workshop, 
please sit close to the stage so you can hear instructions and work together.  
If you are just watching or doing open sew, please sit near the back so you can chat and sew. 

These fabric requirements are to make the full runner, you can use smaller pieces to just familiarize yourself with using the ruler. 
·        Download your own copy of this free pattern Urban Runner (14x52" finished) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_9AaWrWo8YlR3pmYTJLbTBkOFk/view
·       Your own Quick Curve Ruler (the full size, not the mini - although you can adapt to the mini
     if you are already familiar with their patterns)
·      2 different fat quarters
·      3/4 yard background (if you want to make the full runner)

Please also bring:
·   Basic sewing kit
·   Sewing machine in good working order
·   Small cutting matt, ruler & rotary cutter
·   Surge protector plug strip
·   Snacks and water

Any questions please email us!

JoyLyn, Kristin, Pamela, Anna & Sydney

Saturday, June 17, 2017

June 2017 Meeting


Welcome to our new space! We love how big and bright it is, and think it will be a great place for us moving forward. I love how much easier it is to see everything and also to visit with each other! Please remember the following about our new room:

  • We can bring water, lunch & snacks in, just no pop
  • Please use gray chairs only
  • Remember to help put chairs & tables away when you leave
  • For now, the front door will lock behind you if we don't keep the rock in place
We worked on composing our Boston Commons today, using Ten Sisters' grids on point. We are excited to see some finished pieces next month.  This is a great way to practice some color theory and placement on a small, hopefully not intimidating scale.

In July we will delve into the simple curve block using Quick Curve Rulers. A supply list will be sent out and posted soon. And then, onto our Grand Opening party in August!!! Enjoy your Summer, friends. This one will only be here once.


Saturday, June 3, 2017

May 2017 Fabric Weaving

Sadly our days at Broadbents have ended, thank you to those of you who could come. We always have a smaller group in May, and we missed so many of our great friends today. We look forward to  both finishing this session this Summer, and beginning a new one in our new digs in Highland. Please see previous post for the details. If you did not get an email with a link to join us in August, and would like one, please contact one of us to have it resent. Our intent is to include everyone who would like to join us.

May brought us to fabric weaving, which was challenging, but hopefully fun, too! Our main pattern we followed was a free pattern on Craftsy of a tumbling blocks weave by Mister Domestic. I look forward to seeing finished pieces in June! 

Jill volunteered to brave it first for us, and she did gorgeous things. The top picture is the 1", and the next two are the the 2" weave.

Teena also showed us another weave she found online from National Quilters Circle

Thanks for being on the Modern journey with us, whether you have just started or have been our friend for many years. This group is full of beautiful people who care about the making and creating that goes into life. See you in Highland next month!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Transition Time!

Hello and welcome to our UCMQG transition! We hope you will continue on with us in our new location and with our expanded creativity. Included here are all of the details you will need to move forward with us in August.
Our new location is the Highland City Community Center located on the corner of 10400 North and Alpine Highway (5378 West 10400 North, Highland), in the Multipurpose room upstairs. Look for the balloons on the street to let you know you’ve found us. Our meetings will still generally be on the third Saturday, at our new time from 11am-2pm. We will be able to bring food in, but please only water to drink. Annual dues will be $30, and will cover August-July. Each meeting will begin with Show and Tell, and then move into a technique and then right on to sewing time by noon.
Please join us for our Grand Opening at August’s meeting. In addition to collecting dues, we will introduce our new theme – Row Effects in Quilts – and discuss our group motto. We will talk about the customizable lanyard nametags our group will begin using in September, and join each other for a fun potluck. There will be no open sew this month.
We highly encourage you to come prepared to sew together, whether you are participating in the group’s theme, or just catching up on your own projects. There is plenty of room! Bring your machine, cutters & rulers. We will have a few extension cords, but are requesting each member bring her own power strip to protect from unexpected surges. You are always welcome to bring cutting mats and travel irons; we will have 4 sets of these on hand at every meeting. Please also be excited to jump in and get the tables and chairs provided set up and cleaned up.
For the most part we will still be doing our main jobs for you, with the addition of a few members to spearhead some fun new projects:
  •   JoyLyn Rigby – city liaison
  •   Kristin Barrus – social media
  •   Anna Morrison – swaps & exchanges
  •   Pamela Cardwell – giveaways & retreats
  •   Sydney McKinney – emails & membership
  •   Jill Miskin – charity sewing
  •   Kristen Perschon - group challenges
  •   Crystal Hendrix - mentoring
    Here are some other things to look forward to in our new world:
  •   Design Teams – pairs of volunteers who give creating together a try and then report back to the group
  •   Enjoying lunch together
  •   Tula Pink house exchange
  •   Valentine fabric swap
  •   Thread catch or basket exchange
  •   Holiday cookie exchange
  •   Charity sewing together
  •   Mentor match up – getting help with social media and the internet
  •   Group challenges
  •   Bringing back group member spotlights
  •   Some great trunk shows by outstanding quilters
    We have loved this group, and want very much to preserve what we all love while expanding into more creative, Modern directions during our time together. Please continue along with us if this sounds like something you are interested in.
    In July you will be sent an emailed invoice for dues: $30. If you intend on making the transition with us, and we hope you do, follow the emailed instructions. Options for payment will be outlined in the invoice. There will also be a Google Doc, which you will need to fill out and return, instructions for returning will also be included. Both of these items, Dues and Google Doc will need to be completed for your membership to be renewed.
    We look forward to continuing on with all of you and adding new faces to our group as well! 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 2017 Meeting in Review

Thank you for a beautiful meeting this month. Our days at Broadbents are coming to a close and we will be sad to move to our new location in June, but happy to still be all together. In the next few weeks an email with all of the details will go out and also be posted here.

Beautiful Show and Tell from today's theme: Elizabeth Hartman patterns

Jenn Reed

Peggy Watkins

Julie Davies


Kristen Perschon

Kristen Perschon

Diane Woodward


Diane & Melissa Kelley

Anna Morrison

Metallic swap fabrics will be returned during May's meeting.  See you all next month!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fabric Weaving

Friends, for our May meeting we will delve into fabric weaving. (Or revisit it for those of you 1970's macrame champions.) Anna will be teaching us more about it and we will be having a workshop together to start a piece.  Please join us in trying something new! May's meeting will also be our last time at Broadbents.

Anna has chosen a free pattern on Craftsy by Mister Domestic. Click here to get the instructions. You will need to create a free Craftsy account if you don't already have one.

Here is your list of supplies to bring to class in May:

  • 20” x 20” piece of medium weight woven fusible interfacing (BRING to meeting)
  • 20” x 30” foam board (BRING) I think even a 20" x 20" board will work...and might be more manageable in a large group (the drawn square will be 16" x 16")
  • Pins, pins, and more pins (BRING)
  • Sharpie marker (preferred) (BRING???)
  • Masking tape (I will bring a couple of rolls)
  • 1” WEFTY Needle (preferred) or large safety pin (BRING)
  • Ruler w/30 degree angle (BRING)
  • 1” bias tape maker (optional) 
  • 1/2 yard of three different coordinating fabrics (assuming WOF of 45")

Here is your list of prep work to do BEFORE class in May and then bring:

  • Cut fabric in 2" x WOF strips 
  • Fold each side of the fabric towards the middle (lengthwise) and press with steam iron (starch might be handy) ~~OR~~ use 1" bias tape maker according to instructions
  • Cut strips into:  Fabric 1 - 16 strips x 22" (1/2 WOF); Fabric 2 - 8 strips x 22", bring other four strips in full length; Fabric 3 - 8 strips x 22" bring other four strips in full length

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Modern Trends: March

CALENDAR CHANGE: Please note that because of Easter, our April meeting will be moved back a week and will be held on April 22nd. 

In March we saw some very beautiful samples from several class members. 

Jennifer Harrison shared her large collection of Carolyn Friedlander's slow stitch quilts that she's been working on. Amanda Bright showed how she enlarged some of CF's hand stitch patterns to make more organic pillow covers her own. Susan Greenwood tried her hand at CF's paper-pieced shirts. They are small but mighty! To learn more about this talented designer, visit carolynfriedlander.com.

We also had some fantastic house samples shown. Crystal Hendrix shared her scrappy houses using the pattern in our bonus book by Tula Pink and Angela Walters. Anna shared a mini she received from a swap. Julie Davies and Jessica Dalton (and daughter) shared some gnome fun they've been having together.  There are so many house block options out there, have fun online finding one that works for you!

To see photos of all of these beautiful Group creations, visit our Instagram page: @ucmqg. 

In April we will be talking about the patterns of Elizabeth Hartman, with more blocks and quilts from Group members, as well as seeing some new ideas for binding quilts from Anna. 

Also in April, remember to bring your fabrics if you signed up for the Metallic swap. Three yards of Modern fabric with any shade of metallic, cut into fat eighths and in a bag with your name on it.

We only have 2 more meetings at Broadbents, don't miss out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Session 12 February 2017

Session 12: "Modern Market Trends" is off to a terrific start!  

This session we are mixing things up a little, we have chosen trends and fads in the Modern quilt industry for each month and invited our members to choose one of the areas where they would like to experiment, and then share their experience with the group. We hope this gives you a boost to try something new, create something new, share something new.  

In March we will be discussing the work of Carolyn Friedlander. Reminder that the Metallic Swap is open, sign ups close next month. 
JoyLyn, Kristin, Anna, Pamela & Sydney

February was "Envelopes and Gems"

Emily James shared these envelopes and hearts.

Here are Emily's gems, using the Gemology Block by SarahRoseQuilts on etsy.com.  If you look close you can see that she added a heat transfer with each gem's name.

Susan Greenwood shared these envelopes & hearts.

Here is Susan's gem using Gem Stone by Quilt It Out on Craftsy.  She used the metallic linen in the center.

Lauren Waldram made this great gem for us, also using the Gemology Block.

Lori Wells tried envelopes from Love Notes Quilt from Missouri Star Company.

Lori also found inspiration to trace a future gem project from a store logo near her work.

Kristin Experimented with these envelopes from You've Got Mail, by Auymi Takahashi in Patchwork Please, and gems also using Gemology.

Anna tested out 3 different envelope ideas, using Return to Sender by Kelly Liddle in Love Patchwork & Quilting Issue 7 2014, and the Missouri Star block, sewn up by Jenn Barclay.

Two other block ideas you can look into, in addition to many others online, are Letters from Home by Heather Givens at crimsontate.com & Envelopes by Carolyn Friedlander.