Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Metallic Fabric Swap


Some of you are very excited for our metallics swap next session, and I also completely understand wanting to take advantage of sales. Here is some criteria for you if you want to get a jump on it, but please don't stress. This is the Session 12 fabric swap, and that technically doesn't start until February. You may post your choices now if you'd like - there are many, many options out there.

  • 3 yards of fabric with any metallic element, cut into fat eighths
  • Sign ups for the swap will be in February & March, with fabric due in April, to be swapped and returned to you in May
  • There are lots of MODERN fabrics with metallic around today, we saw several great choices in quilts shown on Saturday. Please make sure your piece is from the last 3 years.
  • Any weight is allowed i.e. cotton, linen, canvas and it can be solid or print.
  • Here's a link to one website with some great examples, but you can purchase from wherever you choose, including Broadbents. 
  • YOU MUST review #ucmqgmetallicswap hashtag on instagram to make sure yours isn't used yet, and post a picture with the same hashtag so no one else buys yours. Duplicates will not be accepted this time around. There are lots of beautiful choices out there, bring variety!
Thanks and have fun choosing!