Wednesday, December 30, 2015

December 2015 Meeting in Review

December is always a fun time to talk about red. JoyLyn did a great job showing the merits of the color red, as well as how much some of us love its more diluted tone: pink.

We had many beautiful Show-n-Tell quilts and gifts shared, check out our flickr page for more of that. 

At our January meeting we will continue to discuss 15 Minutes of Play. Victoria Findlay Wolfe published a wonderful book detailing how important play is in our adult creative life and I highly recommend this book. She not only highlights artists she thinks are creating beautiful things out of play, but how it helps her process as well. Her main use of play is in creating her own pieces of fabric, either by using random scraps, or sticking to one color, and then seeing where these pieces take her. She gives several simple blocks to use your "made fabric" in, as well as other suggestions of ways to play.

Some of the ways I've found to play are:
  • buy a single pattern online and print it out immediately
  • sew random solid strips together
  • organize scraps and get rid of some along the way
  • sew strips together of one color, for no purpose
  • flip through a quilt book
  • make a list of 2016 quilty goals
  • label sizes of batting remnants
  • organize thread
  • try Karen Griska's fans (can be found on etsy)
  • experiment with a new technique or block you saw online (I'm looking into Birch bark)
  • stitch drawing
  • try a dresden plate
  • experiment with a new ruler/notion you bought and never used or buy a new one (I'm trying the Quick Curve Ruler)
  • add some new artists to your instagram feed
  • check out Pinterest more, or review what you've already pinned
  • play with stripes
  • learn to sew a zipper
  • lint roll your design wall
  • vacuum your sewing space (this may require clearing the floor first)
  • clean your machine out and give it fresh oil and a needle
I hope these help you launch into finding a safe 15 minutes to play in your days. You are worth it! 

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