Friday, November 27, 2015

November 2015: Blue & Our Favorite Things

Have you been thinking about blue yet? I know a little snow would get me more in the mood. I love how blue reminds me of crispy snowy Winter scenes, as well as cool water splashing in the Summer. Blue goes with everything, so take a look at the blue section of your stash to see if it needs any beefing up, or a quilt to be made out of it soon. 

Here's JoyLyn's beautiful rendition of the quilt from V & Co.'s BLUE book we highlighted this month. She used Ten Sisters Quilt Grids to literally whip this quilt up. Pictured above is Syd's cute snowflake pillow, also from the book. You guys, there's a lot going on during our meetings and I'm always so happy I forget my job sometimes. I'm sorry there's not a better pic of this pillow, as well as everything I brought to share and more.

So let's go through Our Favorite Things that were shared! Not pictured was my dumpling pouch from Jedi Craft Girl, a drawstring bag by In Color Order, the One Hour Basket from Kelby Sews, fabric-covered rope bowls, a personal ironing board tray, and Anna's darling chapstick holder for your keychain. Anything mentioned in this post that doesn't have a refernce attached can be easily searched up on Pinterest.

Pamela was given this beautiful modge podge canvas of strawberry fabrics, her favorite, by Ella.

Jennifer creates these great portable embroidery kits for her daughters. And they use them!

Kristin showed her leather bag, pieces purchased at Tandy's in Sandy. She took a class on Creative Bug and loved the way it turned out. She also recommends polyester thread, not cotton.

Ah the lovely Sew Together Bag, by sew demented. Several were shown, try one!

Andrea used Three Owls bag pattern to make these, she also googled adding a zipper to the top and said it wasn't even that difficult to install. 

Brenda showed several cute things, including a great way to use cathedral window blocks.

She also showed these cute bags she made for toll painting students, called Nancy's Sack, and a coin purse from Pinterest (not shown) that was easier said than done.

Pam suggested using old quilts and blankets that have sentimental meaning to make stockings, adding significant trims and ribbons to be filled with love.

I love how thoughtful Elisa always is in her sewing. This great bag she uses was lined with window blackout fabric so that if she's in the sun, her quilts inside won't be damaged.

She also makes these foldable travel pillows for family. It's from a 0963 Women's Day magazine, so retreat it yourself.

Elisa also showed this cute cell phone holder to prop up your phone at your computer or kitchen, which also doubles as a pin cushion.

Connie showed the artist pillow her granddaughter designed.

And a reminder that aprons are a great way to use fabric for gift giving.

And the one blew my mind, inserting metal measuring tapes inside bags so they snap together. 

Jenn shared her doll making journey. She likes Ginger Melon's pattern, and also showed a matryoshka doll pattern that had clothes sewn on. 

I haven't seen Jill very many times without this great bag. Granted, it's usually to sew together somewhere, but still.

Jill also reminded us of these fabric/vinyl pouches JoyLyn sewed for QuiltBLISS 2014 attendees.

Teena made cute cactus pin cushions this fall. I'm not sure which pattern she used, but I know Crimson Tate has been taking about them a lot because of her Succulent fabric line.

Jessica has been making bibs for her upcoming little one.

Jennifer suggests IKEA fabric for bags because it's cool and has a little more weight to them. 

Jenn's pouch is a Noodlehead pattern.

She also sews herself a new Thanksgiving apron each year. I'm lucky to get the food on the table.

Finally, Kris shared her Love Me Not basket, a Kimber Bell pattern

A big thank you to all of you for bringing your favorite things to get our creative juices going. And especially thank you to each of you for coming to our group. You really are the kindest, most genuine women and I'm so glad to know you.  This year I am especially thankful for every little thing around me; every designer's work of art, every pile of batting remnants, every drawer full of notions, every handmade gift from a loving friend, but most of all to have it all again next year.

Recently my husband, who has always been surprisingly supportive of my own quilt journey, told me that he realized early on that my quilting wasn't really about quilts. It was about everything that goes on while you're quilting/cutting/ironing/buying.  He was right, and I appreciate that about him. Quilting is a lot of things.

QuiltBLISS 2015

QuiltBLISS Fall 2015 was a pretty fun retreat, if I do say so myself. There was such a great group of quilters and I loved how open everyone was to making new friends and trying new things. 

I also love how everyone personalizes their sewing space in The Grand Room.

Sewing might be secondary to being together and getting uninhibited time to be creative. And someone else doing dishes is nice too.

This year we did a few fabric swaps and I'm always so impressed with people's fabric choices, and glad I got something new.

Heather from Quilt Story taught these darling Whimsey House pillows.

Sandi Henderson gave a great lecture on her creative journey to inspire all of us.

Every night during dessert we got to share what we had worked on during the day.

The gals from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery brought and taught their beautiful products,

as well as sharing a beautiful trunk show of their quilts too.

My favorite part might be the pincushion swap on the last night. You can never have too many!

A big thank you to Pamela for letting us come along for the ride. She thinks and plans this retreat all year long and it means a lot to have so many of you join her each time.

Please check out QuiltBLISS Retreat on flickr for all of the photos and fun.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Beautiful BLUE!

November is all about BLUE!  The review on Novembers meeting will be up in a few days.  this post takes longer because of all the great "Favorite Things" everyone shares at our meeting.
Soooo take a look at these facts about the color blue.  You might want to search out some of your own interesting facts about the color blue.

So whether your a "Devil with the blue dress on" or a dancing in your "Blue Suede Shoes".  There is something for everyone to love in the color BLUE!
(check out the pinterest page "All Things Blue".  Link is on the sidebar.

Happy Thanksgiving Ladies!  xo JoyLyn