Friday, September 25, 2015

September Meeting in Review

What a lovely month to discuss all things yellow. Thanks to everyone who came and shared a part of themselves and their friendship with our group. We are a bit big right now, and we appreciate people introducing themselves to someone new. 

Joylyn worked on a string-pieced quilt from V& Co.'s YELLOW book. Remember Blue is out in October and Purple will be out in November. If a certain color is out the day you want to pick up your free copy, we will keep ordering them in. Everyone's just so excited it's hard to keep up.

She also worked on this pineapple, mainly using Carmen Geddes' 1.5" fusible grids.
The inspiration came from a quilt done by Jackie Padesky, she will email you the pattern if you just ask for it.  Find her on Instagram under @jackiepadeskyquilts. (The pattern was free when I requested it, things may have changed by now but give it a try). 

Syd also chose a project out of the YELLOW book, this sweet bag.

And Anna made this beautiful felt bee using Present Perfect: 25 Gifts to Sew and Bestow. And she is gifting this in an online swap. Amazing. 

Mainly we enjoyed the mother-daughter team from Suppose Quilt Shop in Preston, Idaho. A big thank you to both of them for bringing such beautiful quilts, old and new, to share with us. I especially loved how both of them encouraged us to label our quilts for posterity.

Here are a few of their treasures. To see more, I have included all of their quilts in our Show and Tell flickr group. Remember that if you took a picture of the Napoleon Dynamite tribute quilt, please do not post it online, out of respect for their wishes.

Next month we will have other great trunk show by Emily Herrick and also be discussing the color orange: the perfect fall color! 

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Dawn said...

Wow! I'm not really a yellow person but I have to admit that those projects might convince me to change my mind. lol The quilts that were shared by your vistors are stunning. I wish I knew the size of the last one because if must have taken a lot of perserverance to finish that with all of those tiny pieces.