Thursday, July 23, 2015

July Meeting in Review

Fabric dying can be a new level of involvement in your quilts and open channels of creativity you might not have experimented with yet. A big thank you to Pamela for sharing her fabric dying journey with us this month, and to Jeanette for teaching the fabric dying class after.

(Pamela and Jeanette's favorite company to use is Dharma Dyes.)

Here are a few shots of their quilts using fabrics they have made, as well as the ladies having fun in class. My daughter and I tried to only do blues this time - a few greens slipped in on accident - and I can't wait to get my pieces back next month.

Speaking of next month, remember sign ups begin this Monday, July 27th. We are going to continue along the color journey and maybe get you to keep trying new things in your quilting rooms at home.

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