Sunday, June 21, 2015

June Meeting in Review

What a treat it was to hear Jeanette teach us more about color this weekend! 

I appreciated her knowledge, and also the great questions raised by the group. She taught us about saturation and tone, and also the life-changing pound/ounce/pinch concept. 

Besides all of the great technical information Jeanette shared, I loved how she encouraged us to know what we want this quilt to be for us. What is the emotional or physical need this quilt and its process are trying to meet for us? Any reason is fine, but if we know this from the beginning, the outcome will be what we want of it.

Jeanette mentioned picking up a color wheel at any local art or craft supply store and she also talked about getting true light bulbs in the space we sew in, as well as an OTT light. I have picked up the table top foldable ones from Bed Bath & Beyond in the past. I'll tell you the more pricey light I'd like to invest in is the Daylight LED Slimline. I've heard great things from prolific quilt artists about this one, too.

A big thanks to Jeanette for this month's lesson, and I'm looking forward to learning more about dying your own fabric next month. I've learned about this technique before with her, and I can tell you it has changed the way I approach quilting.

Also discussed is the national row-by-row quilt project Broadbents is taking part in, beginning Monday. You can read more about this fun project here

Lastly, Anna's English Paper-piecing class date in August moved, so look into it if you are interested in learning from her in this fun project. 

Next month we will introduce Session 9, sign ups will be in August. We have some great things to share with you, and hope you'll continue to join the fun and friendship of this quilting group. 

Enjoy your summer!