Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet the Group: Melissa

So many of you are being such good sports to let me take pictures and to share a little more about yourselves so that everyone can grow together more. I'm really enjoying this process, I hope you are, too.

Next up is Melissa. She also comes with her mother. So special. They seem very close. Mel has been with us for a while, and got married recently. Passages of time and special events are so fun to share with each other. 

Mel likes to sew and quilt because she feels that too many people her age do not do this sort of thing. "They just buy stuff without being concerned about how it happens." I think that captures how we all feel in this group. The HOW is the most important part. And laughing together. That's fun as well.

When I think of Melissa, I think of the awesome medallion she started, at the same time the Nancy Drew fabric was being released. She knew where her medallion went was going to be a mystery to her, so why not make it a true mystery quilt? She started with the blue piece with Nancy Drew searching with a magnifying glass in her center, and appliqu├ęd a big white question mark on top. I loved it. She's hoping now that she's in a phase where she has a bit more time, she can get back into it. And we will be eagerly awaiting it!

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