Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet the Group: Lauren

Lauren joined us three sessions ago, when her twin boys were still tiny. Now they run around and she is expecting baby #3. We love group babies! Lauren was in the store on a third Saturday and asked Jennifer why the store was so crowded. Jenn was so friendly and positive about our group, Lauren joined up. 

Lauren enjoys the inspiration she gets from meetings, and also appreciates a great place to talk about quilting. Strength in numbers! She started quilting with her mother and grandmother (lucky!) and enjoys the creative outlet. Currently she is enjoying working on her Green Tea & Sweet Beans quilt, which she has dubbed her "Five Year Quilt," since it will take her that long. Especially with a baby on the way, Lauren. No timed awards here.

I love the variety of phases of life our group members are in. Lauren is younger and energetic and interested in a newer palette of fabric. She represents the quilter who is growing her stash, and trying to find time at the machine around little legs pulling at her. What a wonderful time to be in. 

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