Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet the Staff: Sydney

When you realize that Syd is JoyLyn's daughter, it really does explain a lot. Syd's passion and talent for sewing anything becomes understandable, she couldn't help it. She has been helping our group with all of the fussy details since the beginning, until her hiatus to California for schooling recently. We are glad she's back and feel like a weight has been lifted!

Syd loves collaborating with so many women. She loves seeing the support everyone gives each other. She strongly believes every woman brings something different and unique to the group, and this exposes her to different ideas, patterns and fabrics that she otherwise wouldn't have fallen in love with. Her favorite UCMQG project was our first one in Session 1, the 2.5" strips. She enjoyed seeing the variety of projects that came out of that one. 

In her own time, Sydney is a musician who has shared her talents with children across the valley. Not only does she play symphonies in music, she can make fabric dance, too.

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