Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meet the Group: Michelle

This week we are sharing a little bit of Michelle with the world. We have a lot of great Michelle's in this group, and this one is certainly a treat to sit next to. She wanted to learn how to quilt, and came to our group with Teena to check it all out. 

Over the years I've heard Michelle say more than once that she doesn't have a lot to show because she doesn't feel like she finishes very much, but the things she does bring are so great. Table runners, pillows, gorgeous doll clothes for grand daughters, and lately gift quilts for her family.  Michelle is a great example of not having to show something big each month, because the person she is and the friendship and laughter she brings to each meeting are what make us love her. 

Her favorite part of our group was the class Jill taught on using your home machine to finish quilts. Michelle went home and practiced and now it's her favorite part. She's getting so good, and loves her new skill.

I have to add a side note here. I see women in all ages and backgrounds coming to UCMQG for similar reasons, but I think it's our different life experiences and journeys that make this group so special. There are some women, like Michelle, who have come to us when slogging through the trenches is too thick and lifting our legs to step is hard. These women's resiliency and humility and ability to share wisdom in challenges is so inspiring to me. I cling to it. Thank you for being so real and sharing a part of you with me.

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Jennifer Barclay said...

We love you Michelle! Love your bio!