Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet the Group: Jeanne

Jeanne joined the group after hearing about our fun first session. Her friend Elisa asked her to come at a time when Jeanne's life could use a pick me up. The third Saturday became something she could look forward to. She loves to see everyone's quilts, even though she wouldn't consider herself a modern quilter. It feels like therapy to her. She did enjoy the bricks project in Session 2. Jeanne also enjoys reading quilt books. She likes to look up books and patterns we reference in class. If you ask me, she simply takes joy in seeing color. What a wonderful talent to have. 

If you've ever sat next to Jeanne you will know that she has a twinkle in her eye when she smiles, even those times it was through sad eyes. She loves to talk and share fascinating stories, and is a great example of a strong women stepping up to do whatever is asked of her, no matter what phase of life she is in.

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