Friday, January 23, 2015

January Meeting in Review

January we did a color workshop together. Everyone brought great fabrics to share with the group, and there was A LOT of great talking going on. I appreciated seeing everyone's willingness to dig in and try something new. I think we learned a lot about ourselves just by choosing paint chips at the hardware stores.

The whole idea of this class was to believe that our subconscious has color choices that we don't always allow to come out. By stripping fabric down to the basic colors involved, we can see the art that went into its design, and also look at the pure colors themselves. Hopefully this will add to your quilting process as you let your right brain loose more. It takes practice.

These are the first exercise swatches from both classes. We each chose one of our favorite fabrics we brought and pulled paint chips to match, creating our own palette. Some people found this difficult, some were surprised by the palette that came out of it. I hope you each will keep that grouping to remind you to let your subconscious lead more often.

Next we delved into the fabrics everyone brought to share, gathering 8-12 new pieces that we thought looked good together from the group pile. Then paint chips were added to create a second, all new palette. I hope you liked what you took home enough to start a mini quilt of your own choosing to show the group in April. (There were many, many beautiful things going on, this is just a very small smatter of what you all did.)

I especially loved that everyone could try to be a bit vulnerable with each other and share together. This group is truly amazing and I'm so glad we could have more of a workshop feel this month. 

Next month we will do a computer-projected tour of improv quilts from around the web, to inspire some new elements in your quilting for the next six months. Show and Tell will be back in force, and please also bring a friend for free to check us out in February if you'd like. We are all meeting together at 10am, so one item to show would be great. Until next time, happy quilting!

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