Friday, January 23, 2015

January Meeting in Review

January we did a color workshop together. Everyone brought great fabrics to share with the group, and there was A LOT of great talking going on. I appreciated seeing everyone's willingness to dig in and try something new. I think we learned a lot about ourselves just by choosing paint chips at the hardware stores.

The whole idea of this class was to believe that our subconscious has color choices that we don't always allow to come out. By stripping fabric down to the basic colors involved, we can see the art that went into its design, and also look at the pure colors themselves. Hopefully this will add to your quilting process as you let your right brain loose more. It takes practice.

These are the first exercise swatches from both classes. We each chose one of our favorite fabrics we brought and pulled paint chips to match, creating our own palette. Some people found this difficult, some were surprised by the palette that came out of it. I hope you each will keep that grouping to remind you to let your subconscious lead more often.

Next we delved into the fabrics everyone brought to share, gathering 8-12 new pieces that we thought looked good together from the group pile. Then paint chips were added to create a second, all new palette. I hope you liked what you took home enough to start a mini quilt of your own choosing to show the group in April. (There were many, many beautiful things going on, this is just a very small smatter of what you all did.)

I especially loved that everyone could try to be a bit vulnerable with each other and share together. This group is truly amazing and I'm so glad we could have more of a workshop feel this month. 

Next month we will do a computer-projected tour of improv quilts from around the web, to inspire some new elements in your quilting for the next six months. Show and Tell will be back in force, and please also bring a friend for free to check us out in February if you'd like. We are all meeting together at 10am, so one item to show would be great. Until next time, happy quilting!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Meet the Staff: Sydney

When you realize that Syd is JoyLyn's daughter, it really does explain a lot. Syd's passion and talent for sewing anything becomes understandable, she couldn't help it. She has been helping our group with all of the fussy details since the beginning, until her hiatus to California for schooling recently. We are glad she's back and feel like a weight has been lifted!

Syd loves collaborating with so many women. She loves seeing the support everyone gives each other. She strongly believes every woman brings something different and unique to the group, and this exposes her to different ideas, patterns and fabrics that she otherwise wouldn't have fallen in love with. Her favorite UCMQG project was our first one in Session 1, the 2.5" strips. She enjoyed seeing the variety of projects that came out of that one. 

In her own time, Sydney is a musician who has shared her talents with children across the valley. Not only does she play symphonies in music, she can make fabric dance, too.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Meet the Group: Jeanne

Jeanne joined the group after hearing about our fun first session. Her friend Elisa asked her to come at a time when Jeanne's life could use a pick me up. The third Saturday became something she could look forward to. She loves to see everyone's quilts, even though she wouldn't consider herself a modern quilter. It feels like therapy to her. She did enjoy the bricks project in Session 2. Jeanne also enjoys reading quilt books. She likes to look up books and patterns we reference in class. If you ask me, she simply takes joy in seeing color. What a wonderful talent to have. 

If you've ever sat next to Jeanne you will know that she has a twinkle in her eye when she smiles, even those times it was through sad eyes. She loves to talk and share fascinating stories, and is a great example of a strong women stepping up to do whatever is asked of her, no matter what phase of life she is in.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Meet the Group: Michelle

This week we are sharing a little bit of Michelle with the world. We have a lot of great Michelle's in this group, and this one is certainly a treat to sit next to. She wanted to learn how to quilt, and came to our group with Teena to check it all out. 

Over the years I've heard Michelle say more than once that she doesn't have a lot to show because she doesn't feel like she finishes very much, but the things she does bring are so great. Table runners, pillows, gorgeous doll clothes for grand daughters, and lately gift quilts for her family.  Michelle is a great example of not having to show something big each month, because the person she is and the friendship and laughter she brings to each meeting are what make us love her. 

Her favorite part of our group was the class Jill taught on using your home machine to finish quilts. Michelle went home and practiced and now it's her favorite part. She's getting so good, and loves her new skill.

I have to add a side note here. I see women in all ages and backgrounds coming to UCMQG for similar reasons, but I think it's our different life experiences and journeys that make this group so special. There are some women, like Michelle, who have come to us when slogging through the trenches is too thick and lifting our legs to step is hard. These women's resiliency and humility and ability to share wisdom in challenges is so inspiring to me. I cling to it. Thank you for being so real and sharing a part of you with me.