Saturday, December 20, 2014

January Supply List

Thank you for being brave and willing to join me in our design workshop during next meeting. I think it will be an amazing trip, if you're willing to try with me. 

We will have the two class times next session, just to manage bodies for the table-oriented workshop next month. Please be mindful and come to either the 9am or 10:30am class time in January only.

Here is a (hopefully) straight forward list of items you can bring in January:

  1. Around 50 paint chip cards from any home improvement store. These are the free cards in the paint section. Choose a range of whatever colors and tones that jump out to you. The 50ish you select won't all look good together. These will be used as reference cards during our workshop.
  2. 20 - 4x4 fabric squares, two each of 10 different fabrics. Look through your stash and find 10 fabrics that you love just because you love them. They will not go together. Cut 2 - 4x4" squares of each of them, if you can stand it, giving you a total of 20 squares.
A couple of things to remember. You will be willing to give one of the duplicate squares you cut, so half of your 20, to the group to use. And everyone else will do the same thing, so you will have a chance to pick through a group pile. Please do not choose fabrics based on wanting to seem attractive to the group pile! Bring what you like, who cares about anyone else. This is a very individual workshop project.

Please come even if this idea stresses you, or you didn't find time to get your supplies ready. I really think it will be fun.

There will be no Show and Tell in January. We will be introducing Session 8, which begins in February, and you can sign up for it after January's class. Session 8 will be one class time, beginning at 10am. 

We will not have the Bring a Friend day in January, like we usually do, because of this workshop. Please do bring friends to check out our group in February instead.

After class in January, we will have Open Sew. Let me know if you want to participate and didn't sign up. We have a limited amount of space, as you may or may not have noticed. 

I hope this is clear for you. Let me know if you have any questions at all.

December - Oldest WIP's

Merry Christmas, friends! Thank you to those who brought an old project or two to share with the group. It was fun to laugh together today. I kept trying to find a common thread in everyone's WIP's, and I'm not sure there was one. Many projects were begun early in our quilting lifetime, and we quickly surpassed the project for one reason or another, before it had been finished. Others just lost attention and interest. Some thought they had more to go than they actually do, which is great news! And still others didn't like where it was going and put it away, not ready to take the time to pull apart or begin again. 

I think today reflected how quickly both the fabric world, and our lives change over the years.  Different stages come up, and we become different people as each month and year turn over. We are each truly WIP's. I see many of you come here to find solace. Peace. Inspiration both in quilting and in life from each other. And I am glad for this. We have quilting WIP's because there are pieces of us that we like working on, and other parts we don't like about ourselves that we want to hide away. I hope that in 2015 you can feel, maybe because of our group, that all of your parts are welcome and needed. That some parts maybe don't help you and can be left behind for good, to make room for the better parts of us that need to be able to shine. 

Thank you for sharing anything with us throughout 2014. I loved seeing all of it.

Carmen Geddes also shared her beautiful grids in class and in the store today. I love this idea of both making seams come together easier, and also having more freedom to design something pixelated. Carmen is an incredible quilter and teacher, so anytime you get a chance to learn from her, on and off the sewing machine, grab it up!

I hope at this time of year, each of you can feel the love and magic in your hearts that this season is supposed to be about. I know it can be a tender time in your lives, and also a stressful, hectic time. Savor the good, sweet moments and we look forward to seeing you next month and next year!