Sunday, November 16, 2014

November Favorite Things

It was so fun to see some of YOUR favorite things, during this gift giving season. I was touched by how many of you like to make something for your friends.  

Please remember that in December we want to see your oldest WIP, in whatever condition or stage.  Halloween is over, but we want to see the skeletons in your sewing closets. The other kinds you can leave at home . . .

For January (when we will have NO Show and Tell), please collect 10-20 of your favorite fabrics. These are any and all pieces, from whatever styles and origins and dates, that jumped out at your heart for whatever reason. Cut off 2, 4" squares - these will not go together at all - and also bring  at least 50 paint chips from any home improvement store. Again, won't go together, just the tones you like. You can keep one set of your squares, and be willing to share the other set with the group. Also include an open mind.

Here are the gifted beauties that were shared today, and links if available. There were a lot, so please forgive if I unintentionally missed anyone. Any quilts shared went into the flickr Show and Tell site, link at left.

Burlap banners from A Bright Corner

A needle pouch that was a store kit, be could be recreated on your own

A larger project bag/thread catcher

Seasonal table runners

Double-thick crocheted hot pads

Additional notes by Heather at Quilt Barn  

Using any Advent panel to make a gift - knock knock jokes suggested

Draw string, lined, french-seamed book bags with reinforced bottoms

Woodland-inspired Christmas decorations

Patchwork hot pads using Insulbright

Beautiful movie-themed Halloween costumes using recycled clothing

Laundry balls using wool roving

Handmade cow and white elephants. Get it?

Jeanie's plastic organizational system, dealt out of her trunk. Ask next month if you need your fix!

Local art prints from Art Market
(This is one of my favorite places to be a few times a year)

This Fall I have been savoring moments with family and friends who are loved ones especially. I am trying to stop in any given moment where I'm laughing or feeling happy and really look at those around me. To see them and those minutes as they really are. I appreciate all of you in my life who add to me, and never take away from me. I am grateful for this group and how much pleasure I get by seeing the artists in all of you. Happy Thanksgiving!

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