Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet the Team: Pamela

Carrying on with our Meet the Group series, we are going to also be doing a Meet the Team series, so that you can find out a bit more about the women behind the curtains. Pamela gets to be first up this time. She joined the UCMQG team after a few years, when she heard about us and couldn't stay away any longer.  She helps with the communication portion of our group, so if you ever have questions via email, she's your gal. She also drives the wonderful QuiltBliss retreat, sponsored by UCMQG. If you weren't able to get a spot for the February 2015 retreat, dates have been announced for a Fall 2015 retreat as well. Yipee!

Here are a few words from our sweet Pamela:

I started wanting to make things with a sewing machine about 15 years ago, and asked my parents for a sewing machine for Christmas my sophomore year of College. Scrapbooking was huge back then and I idolized Martha Stewart. Finding like minded quilters was hard for me, because everyone my age was scrapbooking and gave me strange looks when I said, "No, I don't scrapbook, I quilt! I love fabric". I had one little baby, no car, so I needed my sewing machine to keep me from going stir crazy at home. 
How wonderful it would have been if UCMQG had been around back then. Quilt groups are great creative therapy. You spend a few hours with like minded people and it fills your creative soul. Every quilter needs a current project, but a group takes it one step further. You get a chance to share your quilts and get feedback from other quilters and it enhances your creative journey. This is what UCMQG did for me. My creative journey has been enhanced, expanded and my creative soul is filled each month at UCMQG.

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Unknown said...

Pamela is a sweet heart. Always willing to listen and caring. So glad she joined the group. Loved the Quilt Bliss Retreat. It really took me out of my comfort zone. Doing it again in 2015. Thanks Pamela.