Monday, September 1, 2014

Meet the Group: Nicole

Nicole has just joined us last session. She loves to share quilting with others who also love it as much as she does. Well, you have found your home with us! She loves to learn new ideas and techniques, but Show and Tell is her favorite. I'm telling you, that's the most awesome part!

She says she quilts so she doesn't kill people, and I'm in that boat, too. Particularly those under four feet tall. She says she's just kidding, but only a little. She loves the creative process and the whole progression that each individual quilt makes. She also appreciates that each quilt has a story.  

Sidebar: every quilt does have a story. Yours! No matter what you piece, what fabric you use, how you put it together, it's important to you. It's your mark in the sand. Not someone else's. And the world truly needs each of us to find some way to make it more beautiful. We are here for a purpose. Leave your mark!

Ok, back to Nicole. She also runs a long arm business called Scribbles & Stitches. Check it out!

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