Monday, September 15, 2014

Meet the Group: Michelle

I know I keep typing these nice Meet the Group posts, and some of you may be wondering how I'm making everyone sound so great, but honestly, it's true! And Michelle is certainly no exception. She joined UCMQG during Session 4, but it feels like she's always been here with us. She came with a friend, because she wanted to learn to quilt and didn't know where to start. This is news to me. I assumed she'd been quilting all along with the rest of us. Her quilts are so beautiful and thoughtful, I never would have guessed that she just started.

Michelle's favorite part is learning new techniques. She also loves to see how our group members use color and new ideas others' quilts give her. As many of us feel, Michelle loves the end result of a quilt. She is loving the feeling she gets of accomplishing a new talent, and this may say more about Michelle than her quilts ever will.  Her favorite UCMQG project was the 75 Quilt, when everyone received a bundle containing 75 different fabric squares, to be assembled using half-square triangles in any layout. She loves making HST's now.

Lastly, Michelle loves to give quilts to people she cares about. I will tell you that this group member doesn't take the spotlight a lot at meetings. She doesn't share very much about her personal life, but when she does, it's always so sweet and sentimental. I remember one time she shared an especially cozy quilt for a friend who was receiving cancer treatments at the time, as well as some of her feelings on that topic, and after she sat down, the room felt so much closer and warmer. She has that effect on people.

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