Monday, September 29, 2014

Meet the Group: Lacie

Lacie is one of our newest UCMQG members. She has only been to two meetings! She joined to learn new quilting tricks, and ways of putting fabric together. She also wanted to meet new people who sew. She feels like she is a beginner, but likes to think outside the box in everything she does. Learning new things helps her feel confident in her sewing skills. I can tell you, Lacie has a great balance of confidence and friendliness, as she digs into all UCMQG has to offer. 

For her, sewing is a stress relief. See? She already belongs here. She loves creating what she's feeling. Putting her energy into quilts makes her happy. 

Since she just started with us, she doesn't have a fav UCMQG project, but she feels like everything she's creating right now is from the group. She comes feeling overwhelmed, and leaves feeling inspired and like the fire has been relit to go home and make something beautiful and satisfying. We are so glad she has joined the group. Welcome Lacie!

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Jennifer Barclay said...

Yeah! Lacie can't wait to say hi!