Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Meet the Group: Connie

Great news: this week you get to meet wonderful Connie. She joined us in the very beginning of UCMQG with her very talented daughter, Brittany. It was fun to see how she and Brittany's styles were different and the same. Mother-daughter quilting is fun. Connie joined to have fun (we hope she still is!) and to see what other quilters are doing. So often we sew in our own little caves, and I love this group because you get to share what you built, and see what the other cave-dwellers were working on during the month, too.

Connie's favorite part about coming is the artistic outlet UCMQG is for her. And she is quite an artist. She also finds it calming. I'd love to hear more about this sometime. For me, sewing is very calming (unless I'm unpicking an entire row), and I love it when life finds me more like-minded creatures.

Her favorite project we've done so far was the medallion - also one I never got to see finished. Connie's center was a beautiful native embroidery piece she picked up on vacation to I can't remember where now. It looked very South American, so her entire quilt centered around fabric choices inspired by our southern neighbors; oranges, bright greens, black and royal blue. Picking up textile souvenirs on vacations is one of my favorite ways to bring life into my quilts, and I think Connie's toucan center was a great idea for this huge project.  Her quilts are always very distinctly Connie, and the time she spends making sure the color choices are just right really shows.

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