Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet the Group: Teena

Teena came to our group right after the second session. She wanted something quilty to do with her friend, so they both braved it and came. She has been busily adding to her WIP's each session in our group, which is why I love coming as well. It's all so inspirational! Teena is a great friend to many in the group and enjoys seeing what others are working on, too.

She started quilting because her mother quilts and encouraged her to try. I love a multi-generational obsession. They're the best kind. Quilting keeps Teena busy and gives her a good creative outlet. She also loves giving them as keepsakes to family. 

Things I have learned about Teena: she and her sister have come closer during her sister's successful battle with cancer, her son's family recently moved to Russia with her granddaughter and a beautiful Russian doll quilt Teena sent with them, she shared her love with her husband by making an amazing bike quilt for him, and she has a very peaceful spirit about her. I am grateful to know Teena and to have learned from her calm perspective on life and quilting.

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Unknown said...

Nice write up Kristen. Only 2 things: I find it interesting that in the header "Meet the Group: Tina" you spelled my name differently than in the article. :) Two "e's" not an "i", that's me. No worries lots of people make the same mistake.
Secondly as I read the last sentence or so I found myself wondering who you were talking about. I guess I'm like a duck who's paddling like crazy below the surface while appearing calm on top. Must be the calming effect of all that fabric at Broadbent's. OH wait maybe I'm like a deer in the headlights....