Monday, August 25, 2014

Meet the Group: Lori

Lori is such a fun friend, and I would say that looking at her quilts now, and her quilts when she joined us a few years ago, she is also having the most fun. I've seen a real shift in Lori's confidence as a quilter and as a person. She says she loves coming to learn new skills and new friends, but her last statement I think reflects who she is the most: she comes to find new creativeness. I love it. And everyone around her benefits, too.

Lori quilts for therapy. Hi, Lori. She loves creating things that can't be destroyed or eaten in five minutes. Her favorite UCMQG project to work on was the medallion. That would have been my guess. She won the award for biggest finished medallion. She was having so much fun she just kept going and going. Each border added so much and it turned out to be a real masterpiece.

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Unknown said...

Lori is a great inspiration to me. I love all the quilt she makes. Love the minky she backs the tops with, so cuddly!
Looking forward to seeing her "Birdy Through the Year" quilt.