Friday, August 1, 2014

Meet the Group: Jill

Happy August! This month we are starting a new series on our blog called Meet the Group, where we will periodically introduce you to some beautiful faces we get to enjoy at UCMQG. We have so much talent, new and used, that it doesn't seem right to keep it to ourselves. And if you're in the area and thinking of joining us, you'll feel like you already know a few people.

Jill with some of her favorite fabrics lately

Jill has been with us from the beginning, going on four years now. She's not only a beautiful patchwork-piecer, she also makes darling clothing and machine quilts all of her own tops. When I asked her why she quilts, she said: "Because I must! I love fabric, I love color, I love building and creating things. Quilting reflects what I am feeling and how I see the world." So true.

Jill joined us to find kindred, creative spirits and I'm so glad she did! She enjoys being inspired by fellow quilters and feels like she gets lots of new ideas from UCMQG each month. Her favorite part of class is Show and Tell (mine too!). She loves seeing what others are working on and feeling closer to the gals who share a part of them with all of us. 

Her favorite project we've talked about is the bricks from Session 2. Here's what she had to say about her treasure: "I made a quilt with the black and white bricks and some Kaffe prints inspired by my Grandmother's garden. She was getting ready to move at the time and the quilt is a reminder of summers in her garden." Isn't that true for all of us! At Craft South Anna Maria Horner said that quilts are a physical reminder of our days. I truly believe it's an important art form worth our time (and money). See you on the third Saturday!

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Unknown said...

It's always fun to see Jill's work.
She does a terrific job with the machine quilting and is a great resource for those of us trying to learn that part of the art. Thank you Jill.