Friday, August 8, 2014

Meet the Group: Elisa

Elisa is a fun group member who has also been with us since the beginning of UCMQG. She is a quiet giant of a creative. She loves to learn new techniques and be inspired and I'm so glad she decided to give us a chance three years ago. I have learned so much from her quilting methods, her color choices, and the way she lives her life.

She joined because she loves the association with other quilters. Elisa said she loves to see what others are doing and that she quilts to keep her sanity (welcome to the club!). Her favorite project she's worked on that was inspired by UCMQG was the Steampunk quilt earlier this year. Bring it to group when it's done! Elisa loves to collect anyone's scraps and I'm sure her stash at home is mighty. Her color placement is very carefully thought out in each quilt she creates and this inspires me to slow down and take more time on the little things. Be sure to look for small subtleties in her quilts. Everything was done on purpose. She is also a wonderful grandmother, who encourages all of her grandchildren to be creative at grandma's house. A truly patient woman!


Pamela Cardwell said...

Elisa has the most beautiful quilts. She is such a creative soul. Thanks for sharing your talent Elisa!

Unknown said...

Love her quilts. She sounds like a fun grandma! I like the round edges she puts on all her quilts. I might try doing that with more of mine.