Monday, August 18, 2014

August Meeting in Review

A big welcome to all of our friends old and new for the beginning of Session 7! Meeting outside has such great energy and I loved seeing the Show and Tell. JoyLyn liked the surprise flow having your quilts be the grand finale, I think we'll do that going forward. Remember we are all together outside at 9:00 in September.
JoyLyn especially loved those of you who made declarations to the group about their goals for this next session.  Always inspiring when we combine our energy toward a common goal!  It is especially inspiring when you have the confidence to voice that goal to the group.

This month we introduced the WIP (works in progress) idea. We will discuss it more as we go, but let's focus on clearing our decks and getting rid of things that are holding us back in the next 6 months of meetings. And who knows, maybe it will seep into other areas of our lives and we will all be lighter and happier in 2015. We are all WIP's, and maybe looking at the unfinished piles of fabric clouding our stashes will get new and improved creative juices flowing. Let yourself be free to be who you are!

Check out the new edition of Quilts! Quilts! Quilts! We talked about the "Tools" section of the book & went over the goodies in your tool pouch.  The store as some copies you can use your class-day discount on it you'd like. In October we will be sharing some interesting tips and tricks from that book exclusively.

Anna shared one of her favorite Moda Bake Shop quilts, Pinwheel Baby Quilt , JoyLyn shared the most downloaded pattern from Moda United Notions free project section 30's Playtime , Machelle shared Candy Scraps Quilts . Sydney shared a mini made her way from the "Simple Whatnots Club" by Kim Diehl, starting at Broadbent's in September.   It is such fun to see these reinvented with different fabric choices.

Next month, we get to see some demos from Moda Bake Shop by class friends. I am really excited to see the variety that I'm sure will come out of this project. Feel free to browse this great site for free tutorials on a wide range of sewing ideas, and join me in making The TRIFLE DISH row quilt, if you like. 

Fall is a time of retirement where we get ready for the winter. The leaves fall and less flowers bring us joy, but despite all of that, it feels like a new beginning to me. I love Fall, and not just because kids go back to school. It feels like a crisp fresh start. A definitive change in season. The crest of the beginning of holiday season where love and family are hopefully felt by all of us. Take the time this Fall to recharge and renew and breathe deeply. 

And if you need a laugh, here's a great pic of Anna that I am not editing. That's what you get for giving me a pickle face on purpose. And thanks for always holding up our unending Show and Tell, friend. 


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Pamela Cardwell said...

Ha! Love Anna dearly. I couldn't agree mor about Fall. It has always felt like a fresh start way more than the new year.

The Waldram Family said...

Love it! Fall to the new year is my favorite time of year. I have always felt that Fall and Soring has a renewing quality to it.

Maria said...

I too love fall! Hoping I can make the next meeting in September ♡