Sunday, July 20, 2014

July 2014 - End of Odd Shapes

Well, we made it through odd shapes this year, and we hope you're feeling a bit more comfortable using unusual shapes in your quilts. July is one of my favorite months for meetings, because we get to meet outside in such a gorgeous setting, and we end a session with new friends. Welcome to those just joining us, and thanks to everyone for wonderful Show and Tell. 

Remember, next session's WIP it Up begins in August, also outside. Registration begins at 9am Monday, July 28th either in the store or over the phone. The signing bonus is a truly fantastic "utensil kit" full of fun sewing notions to help re-energize you into getting at least one WIP (work in progress) done in the next six months. And as a special this next session, if a friend joins with you, you will receive 2 free fat quarters on the first meeting!

And we can't forget about all of the fun plans for QuiltBliss 2015 that are getting under way. July 24, 25 & 26 are the days UCMQG members get exclusive preregistration. Some of you have let us know you want to come with a friend, but as you can see by our monthly meetings, anyone is welcome and no one is ever alone!

So rounding out Session 6 was trapezoids. I really think this is such a fun, unlimited shape. (Did I say that about the other ones, too?) I shared my RWB stripe exchange quilt, Red Pepper Quilts' Butterfly Spools method, and some dresden plates that I'm having a lot of fun with right now.

My butterfly wings are 2/3 bigger than my background squares, and the backgrounds are tilted 1" on the top, and even on the bottom.

My dresdens were cut 9.5".

Anna showed us how you can use your ruler to make a template, if you didn't choose the ruler as your signing bonus this session (see above quilt), using tumblers to make a low volume quilt, hexagon log cabins - using a Hex n' More ruler, and a great paper-piecing pineapple pattern of Gigi's Thimble she's knocking out of the park with pastels.

And finally, JoyLyn went over the magical trapezoid-to-braid that's always so fun to make. She found a couple of great tutorials for you to watch as well here and here.

Don't you love how the summertime weather and fun influenced all of our colors in the demos today? Truly we are what we see all around us.  We sincerely hope to see you all back next session for more fun, sharing and creativity. Thanks for being along on the ride. 


rubyslipperz said...

Hello...I forgot the name of the 60 degree triangle by Creative grids? what this used for Dresden without points...something like that??

O! my pea-sized brain gets on information overload! lol =P And, I try to put down everything I see at show and tell on my "to-make" list...YEAH...RIGHT!??

annie =)

Shop Girl said...

Annie I believe it is the 15* degree triangle ruler by creative grids. We should get some in the shop in the next few weeks.