Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Equilateral Triangles

Today, after some really terrific show-and-tell, we talked about equilateral triangles, or triangles with sides of the same length and angle. If you wanted to pick up your ruler choice today, or purchase one, and we didn't have it in stock, never fear. They are ordered and will be here soon!

JoyLyn shared the beautiful Kaffe triangles she's working on from the book, Scrap Republic, by Emily Cier. (This book has plenty of great rainbow quilts that may come in handy after you've accrued all of your 2.5" strips from this session's fabric exchange!) She started with the great 6" rolls we have prepackaged, and added cuts from her favorite bolts in the store, which comes in handy because she loved all of them! (She must order the fabric, or something.) She used Jaybird Quilts Hex N More ruler, the biggest triangle on it: 8" cut. 

I made similar scrappier triangles (great minds thing alike!) only 4" and laid them out alternating straight-turned to the right. I also used Jaybird Quilt's Sidekick ruler to make 4" whole-piece triangles and laid them out like Grandma's Flower Garden. Don't hold your breath on this one getting finished tomorrow.

The main point of this quilt is an exercise in personal design. Use the triangle graph paper passed out today to design your own beauty. I simply did a google images search for triangle graph paper and used one. There's also hexagon and trapezoid, so enjoy! 

And, give log cabin triangles a try. They do stretch a lot, so just go easy. I wouldn't go larger than a 4" beginning triangle. Experiment with different widths around it, different solids or prints, etc. There is no wrong answer here. Wait, there's no wrong answer in designing at all! What a relief.

Our grand finale today was Anna. She likes to use 4 mini triangles to make a big one, and that added some cool interest in the rows and rows of triangles. She also showed us how to use a standard rulers' 60 degree angle to cut triangles. 

Enjoy playing around with triangles this month. I've had them on my mind for six months now and today I was inspired for so much more! Thanks for joining us and bringing your beautiful quilts and gifts and personalities. We'll see you next Saturday if you signed up for the Sewing Day in the store, or next month with your fabric exchange strips, if you signed up for that. And if you didn't sign up for any of that, well, you signed up for this crazy group, so good luck!

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