Wednesday, February 5, 2014

QuiltBLISS Teachers

We had some great classes up at QuiltBLISS and learned some new skills and ways to think through quilting as a process. Here are some reminders and things to look forward to for QuiltBLISS 2015:

Jeanette Hartvigsen taught us about dying fabric and hand appliqué.

Leigh Hansen, of leedledeedle, talked about finding time in our busy schedules to be creative and quilt.

Anna Morrison, of aroundthequiltblock, shared her love of paper piecing.

Amy Smart, of diaryofaquilter, taught us inspirational ways to use our scraps.

Amanda Woodruff, of, talked about color in fabric.

And Emily Sessions, of Emerson Quilting, shared some machine quilting tips and ideas.

To view all of these class pictures, as well as the rest of QuiltBLISS fun, please click on the flickr link to the left of this screen.

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