Saturday, February 15, 2014

Quilt Journaling

February is the month of love and it was fun to share some fabric and notion love with each of you! Thank you for letting me share my mother and some of my quilt journal journey today. Quilt journaling feels really important to me, as the recipient of my mother's art journals. It may not seem like it now, but the people around you will want to know more after you're gone. (Let's hope some of them don't wait that long!) Let's be more mindful of the path we're on and not miss the little things all around us.

Some things to look forward to in Session 6:
  • Sew In March 22 11am-3pm - sign ups in class February and March.
  • Anna will have a new paper-piecing pattern to teach sometime this session in a separate class, so stay tuned!
  • 2.5" fabric strip exchange sign ups in class February and March - bright colors to be shared April/May/June
Also, Andy shared some of her flickr charity quilt group, do. Good Stitches. Feel free to look into it and see if it's a group you could donate to.

We'll see you next month to get our triangles on!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

QuiltBLISS 2014 In Review

Friends! We had such a great time at QuiltBLISS and wanted to share a little of it here with all of you. Some of our UCMQG ladies were able to come up and sew and it was so great to get to know each other better and add new friends at the retreat to our life experiences. Next year promises to be even better, so start scurrying mad money away now to come and join us. Here are a few highlights for me:

The most over the top amazing food

The carpet leading into the sewing room kept getting more and more covered in strings. 
A beautiful thing everyone kept commenting on.

The sewing room

The snow

Exchanges like this pincushion one. Everyone was so thoughtful and creative.

The decorations

Being with friends - The UCMQG Team

But most of all, quilting with my sisters

To hear more of my own personal thoughts on QuiltBLISS, feel free to read my post.

QuiltBLISS Guest Lectures and Trunk Shows

We were lucky enough at QuiltBLISS to have both Sherri McConnell and Sarah Jane Studios come and show us their quilts and discuss their design journey with us.


We also had trunk shows by Erika Bartlett and our very own UCMQG. Thanks to everyone who lent us quilts to take and share. Wish you all could have been there to hear the gasps!

And each night we did a group show and tell to take a peek at what everyone
 was busy creating in the sewing rooms.

To see more of these beautiful trunk shows, please click on the flickr link to the left of this screen.

QuiltBLISS Teachers

We had some great classes up at QuiltBLISS and learned some new skills and ways to think through quilting as a process. Here are some reminders and things to look forward to for QuiltBLISS 2015:

Jeanette Hartvigsen taught us about dying fabric and hand appliqué.

Leigh Hansen, of leedledeedle, talked about finding time in our busy schedules to be creative and quilt.

Anna Morrison, of aroundthequiltblock, shared her love of paper piecing.

Amy Smart, of diaryofaquilter, taught us inspirational ways to use our scraps.

Amanda Woodruff, of, talked about color in fabric.

And Emily Sessions, of Emerson Quilting, shared some machine quilting tips and ideas.

To view all of these class pictures, as well as the rest of QuiltBLISS fun, please click on the flickr link to the left of this screen.