Friday, September 20, 2013

Sampler Sample Layout

In September's class we will discuss layouts for samplers. Here is our Session 5 Sampler Layout. Refer to the picture here for a visual if you need. The sampler was hung upside down at the store to provide for the space available, so be mindful that you will need to rotate the photo in order for the blocks to line up with the graph paper layout.

There are 47 total 6" blocks; to make it less busy I used some solid fabric blocks. So of the 47 total 6" spaces, only 26 of them are pieced from the Tula Pink book. That's why some of the squares on my graph paper are blank. All 18 of the 12" blocks are pieced from the 99 Modern Blocks book.

I kept it on graph paper to show that there are many ways to design a quilt or block. Modern quilting took off through the internet, as a collaborative effort of many artists all over the world sharing what they were doing in a larger venue. I love the way Modern quilting and technology have complimented each other, and at the same time I feel like it's important to maintain a connection to our traditional roots. Plus, my writing on graph paper seems more artistic and true to me and my fabric journal. Use whatever way feels true to you!

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