Friday, August 23, 2013

Machine Quilting Option

Want to try a new long arm quilter you can trust? Wendy Nabham, from Eagle Mountain Quilting comes to Broadbents every Thursday from 9-10am to pick up or return quilts she's finished for clients. Every quilt I've had her do has been straight, had great stitching, and was well set. Wendy does Statler only, and has a large book of patterns to choose from when you drop off your quilt with her, ranging from 1-2 cents/inch. She also has a variety of battings you can choose from. And the best part? She has a one week turn around time.  If you're looking to get some projects done this fall, give her a try!

P.S. You are also welcome to arrange a time to swing by her studio if Thursday mornings doesn't work for you. She's not too far west from the Crossroads intersection.

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Shop Girl said...

I ditto this post. Wendy has quilted so many of my creations. Love her work & consistent dependability + she is an awesome person!