Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern Medallion Mystery Month 5 - 7.5" Border

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things you are sharing with us, ladies. I can't get over it. Everyone has been so uncomfortable with this medallion process, and I know I'm happy with what I've learned now that I'm at the end of it. If you're still working on yours, hang in there! It's kind of like creating a new quilt each month and takes more time (and fabric) than you'd think.
Next month is our last Session 4 class. You can get 25% off your finishing products for your medallion. We will also have the Session 5 quilt on display and sign ups will begin.  We'd love to see you back again. I love hearing that we all have the same fabric gripes and concerns and jokes and I always leave feeling more whole and comfortable in my own skin. So, thank you.
Also next month, please remember to bring your medallion at whatever phase it's in so we can get one final shot of it. Of course if you keep building on it we'd always love to see it any class in the future.  And you are welcome to bring a friend to share in our final class show and tell if you'd like.

P.S. Here's a link to the border workbook shared in class today.

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