Saturday, March 16, 2013

March Modern Medallion - Month 2 - 6.5" Border

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! And thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts with all of us this month. It's so fun to see what some of you are working on. I notice each class that we seem to have different people bring a quilt in varying stages each month. I love the variety and it makes me feel good when I've had a not-so-productive period myself. The quilting gods have been fed for me!

All of your medallions were so beautiful, and I look forward to seeing us add onto them, and maybe seeing some new ones next month. They are up on the Medallion Flickr group to the left of this blog. And the beautiful quilts that were shared are on our regular class Flickr group as well, including both classes. Enjoy!

Be looking for your email from JoyLyn this coming week with exact instructions for all four of the sample borders we shared today in class. This month we're going to add a 6.5" border to your center, so that when you are done, your new quilt should measure 30.5" at this stage.

Anna will be getting an email out this week for those of you who joined the gray fabric exchange. As a reminder, we will begin exchanging 8" squares during April's class. If you missed class today but would like to join the fabric exchange, email one of us this week and we'll happily add you to the list. The sign ups for Anna's paper-piecing class in May are at the cash register. Feel free to sign up anytime before the 4th, as long as the class isn't filled.

And be sure to email JoyLyn if you would like to reserve a spot for our free sew-in next month. Seats for that are limited to space available as well.

Finally, here's the link to the plus sign quilt I showed in class today. So fun and easy, I really encourage you to find some fabrics from your stash that seem happy to you and make your own, in addition to mine!

If there's ever anything we said we'd post during class, books or notions we'd order or items we said we would bring next month for you, please hold our feet to the fires and do not let us forget! We don't mean to forget.

Happy quilting! We love having you in our group.

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