Saturday, December 21, 2013

Skill Builder BOM 2014

Hey gals, Alyssa Lichner at Pile O Fabric has recommended that you join her BOM next year. This is her second year, and this time there will be a fee. The quilt is a beautiful tribute to sewing and looks fun! Feel free to check it out here.

December's Scrappy Trip

Merry Christmas to all and to all happy sewing! We shared some fun Scrappy Trip Around the World options this snowy morning, and I encourage you to try getting through some scraps this winter to make room for the new.

JoyLyn showed us a really easy way to use QuiltSmart products to make your STAW blocks. The store does have the grids in different sizes for $4.15 per panel. My mind has been coming up with all kinds of Excel-on-Interfacing ideas ever since.

Kristin's Winter Wonderland version can be found here. Here's some of the possible layouts I messed around with for my quilt.

You can find other fantastic Scrappy Trip Around the World's in our flickr group of show and tell from today, and also in the blogosphere here, here, here, here, herehere and here. Thanks for making the scrappy trip today with us.

Friday, November 22, 2013

QuiltBLISS Giveaway

Quilters! Day passes for our Modern Group retreat, QuiltBLISS, have been marked down to $99, which includes all meals, sewing, giveaways, speakers and trunk shows for the day.  This may be just the ticket for our busy friends who can only spare a day to quilt in a luxurious setting in Heber. Visit for more details.

We are also giving away a day pass and you could be the lucky winner! Visit Pamela's instagram @frenchknots to enter. We would love to have you come!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November's Favorite Thing(s)

Happy Thanksgiving, quilty friends! This month we showed some of our favorite things to make and give. This is a wonderful time of year to remember others and share our love and talents, and maybe a few fabric scraps. We are trying to include everything you could be interested in from today's class, but if we missed anything please comment below and we'll get on it.

My favorite thing to do with fabric is turning it into a quilt, and the buck pretty much stops there. I showed a pin board using an inexpensive painters canvas and covered in a fat quarter or vintage pillow case, as shown here.

Anna on the other hand, is very talented at sharing fabric love in different ways. She showed us scrunchies, fabric-wrapped bracelets, hand warmers, ric-rack flowers, covering trays or cookie sheets, monogrammed letters framed, and design boards. Her additional supplies were found at Hobby Lobby or the dollar store.

And then there's the ever creative Pamela, bringing us yo-yo's using Clover's Yo-Yo makers, and beautiful toy blocks from Caravan Shoppe

JoyLyn brought us many, many beautiful gift ideas for our grand finale.

Travel Accessory: Curling Iron/Flat Iron hot tool storage case.  No more waiting for your hair tools to cool down before you back your bag.  Just slip them into this heat proof case and off you go.
Here is the Link to the tutorial.

Other items were the Seat Belt Cover/Bag Handle cover  Link Here  
Handmade Portable First-Aid Kit Link Here 
Quilted Christmas Ornament (no sew project) link to video  and another link to video
Cozy Microwavable Rice Heating Pads Link Here   

Closing out the Favorites are the Fleece Travel Pillow Link Here
The Cozy Faux Chenille Scarf  Link Here  (I made my scarf ends square not pointed)
And the "Bucket of Fish"  Link Here
Easy Chalkboard Wall Art  (Photo coming soon)  We have this awesome chalkboard fabric at the shop and making your word art is as simple as buying a frame and cutting the fabric to go in it. Voila you can write & erase to your hearts content! 

Next month remember to bring your Scrappy Trip Along if you've already made one, or come ready to learn a new, fun way to use your scraps. And it will be the last month to bring your exchange fabric, too. As always, thank you for bringing any show and tell and sharing a part of you with all of us.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October X+ Class in Review

Fall is upon us and isn't it glorious?  Hopefully those of you who signed up for the text fabric exchange brought (14) 8" squares precut in a ziploc with your name on it today (or 3 different fabric sets for all 3 months, if you'd like). The exchange will go Oct/Nov/Dec, with fabric to be distributed in January, so please bring yours before then!

There are also a few spots left for our Sew Day November 9th. Email JoyLyn to be added to the list.

We got to see beautiful sampler blocks in class today. Here's a peek at today's lovelies:

(Please let me know if I missed your samplers today - it was unintentional)

Here are the X+ themed quilts I showed today. Please remember that piece and block sizes are provided here when I could (respecting copyright laws when applicable), as well as where you can find the tutorial or buy the pattern or book. I will encourage you to use your own creative mind to work out how much fabric you will need for each quilt, should you decide to make one of them. And feel free to customize it to your own size.  Most of these would be great scrap quilts.

 JoyLyn's Version
Anna's Version
Japanese X+ quilt, originally by Setsuko Inagawa at 2011 Tokyo International Quilt Festival. The tutorial we used is by Amy Badskirt and can be found here.  My version was an 8x10 block layout to finish 60x75.And check out these other beautiful versions here, here, here and here.  

Jennifer Barclay's Version of Supernova
The supernova tutorial by Lee at Freshly Pieced can be found here.

This Civil War quilt uses a portion of the Japanese X+ quilt block, called Road to Tennessee or Indian Hatchet. It's also halfway through making a snowball. I used 4" large squares and 2 1/4" smaller squares for the corners. The block finishes 7".

Amanda Jean Nyberg's Math Facts, originally done in orange, can be found at Quilty Magazine's website for purchase as digital download $6.95. Mine was a smaller size, 
a 7x8 block layout to finish 56x64.

Gettysburg 150th Anniversary is my own take of Red Red Completely Red's +++ quilt. My gray cross took 1 2.5 x 8.5" strip and 2 2.5 x 3.5 sides. The low volume background is 4 3.5" squares. The blocks finish at 8", so the setting strips are 8.5" cut. I used 39 offset blocks.

Pamela's Version
This Plus Quilt is from Jeni Baker's tutorial at In Color Order.  Mine is a 16x19 4.5" 
square layout to finish 64x76. 

This was a Kaffe Fassett kit from his Caravan of Quilts, 2004.  I combined 4 kits for large floor pillows to make a square quilt and added an orange border. If you use 2.5" corner pieces, and 4 different 2.5" squares for the cross arms, you'll need 4 2 7/8" squares to combine for the double HST in the middle of each block. This block would finish 6".

This scrappy modern log cabin is from Susan Beal's Modern Log Cabin, 2011.  I used 52 9" finished blocks offset. My sample in class was a 5" background square with 2" strips on the sides, then cut into half twice and re-sewn for a 7.5" finished block, prior to adding another background border. 

And here's the link to Anna Maria Horner's Feathers that Maria shared in the first session this morning. 

Friday, October 18, 2013

Don't Forget

October Meeting:  Saturday, October 19th
9:30 or 11:00
Bring your show-n-tell.....we love seeing what your working on.
We will be talking about X and + quilts. 
They have been popping up online in so many different styles.
October is our first month for our Text Print Exchange
(for those who signed up).
to sign up for the Sew-In
Saturday, November 9th  
We have space for 10
No cost to UCMQG members, $10 for all others.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Call for Text Swap Signups!

Happy Friday!  I'm so excited for our Text fabric swap this session!  Text fabrics are very popular right now and I love how versatile they can really use them in any project!  Here are the details for the text fabric swap:

  • 8" squares (quantity to be determined based on # of participants)
  • Any text-y print cotton fabric
  • Bring fabric in October, November, December (or you can bring them all one month if you want)
  • End up with a great assortment of fun text fabrics!

I'm getting ready to organize the groups for the Text swap.  If you'd like to participate, but haven't signed-up yet, please let me know by Sunday, September 29th.  On Monday I'll arrange the groups and send out emails to let you know how many 8" squares you'll need to bring each month...usually it's the equivalent of 1 yard of fabric each month.  So far, this is who's signed up (alphabetical by first name):

Amanda Bright
Anna Morrison
Charlene Russell
Connie Smith
Crystal Beck
Deb Curwen
Elisa Riding
Jennifer Barclay 
Jennifer Fenner
Jennifer Harrison
Jill Miskin
Kae Larsen
Kathy Kercher
Kristen Perschon
Kristin Barrus
Kristin Sherwood
Lori Bennett
Melissa Curwen
Michelle Hopkinson
Michelle Nelson
Michelle Yancey
Norma Jean Richards
Pamela Cardwell
Sarah Scoresby
Susan Spiers
Teena Rasmussen
Vicki Lee

If your name isn't on that list...but you want it to be...send me an email by Sunday, September 29th, and let me know (  Also, if anyone wants to be in more than one group (double the text fabric love!), just let me know.  

Thanks!  Have a wonderful weekend!  ~~Anna  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

September Meeting in Review

Thanks to everyone who brought some sampler blocks. It's so fun to see the different color ways going on in our group. I hope they're bringing a fun, new expression to your quilting.

Anna's Sampler Blocks

This month's meeting was the last time you could join the text fabric exchange. Starting next month if you signed up, you will need to bring your 8" squares. Anna will contact you before then to let you know how many. We try to keep it around 1 yard/month. You can bring one set a month, or all 3 sets (3 different prints please) at once. All fabric can be picked up in January.

JoyLyn's Sampler Blocks

As a reminder, we will be having a sew-in at the store November 9th, sign ups during October meeting. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Follow Us!

Happy Friday! Here is a little recap of where to find UCMQG. 

Sampler Sample Layout

In September's class we will discuss layouts for samplers. Here is our Session 5 Sampler Layout. Refer to the picture here for a visual if you need. The sampler was hung upside down at the store to provide for the space available, so be mindful that you will need to rotate the photo in order for the blocks to line up with the graph paper layout.

There are 47 total 6" blocks; to make it less busy I used some solid fabric blocks. So of the 47 total 6" spaces, only 26 of them are pieced from the Tula Pink book. That's why some of the squares on my graph paper are blank. All 18 of the 12" blocks are pieced from the 99 Modern Blocks book.

I kept it on graph paper to show that there are many ways to design a quilt or block. Modern quilting took off through the internet, as a collaborative effort of many artists all over the world sharing what they were doing in a larger venue. I love the way Modern quilting and technology have complimented each other, and at the same time I feel like it's important to maintain a connection to our traditional roots. Plus, my writing on graph paper seems more artistic and true to me and my fabric journal. Use whatever way feels true to you!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Alpine Quilt Guild Lecture

JoyLyn was asked to present Modern quilting to the members of the Alpine Quilt Guild last night. We had a blast showing what we do in our group, and where we feel Modern is going. It was also a treat to see some of their show and tell. They have truly talented quilters in this large group. Flora Gillman told us this guild has been around for 24 years now!

This quilt was brought by Cindy Cloward of Riley Blake, and recently won their Amoure' Quilt Challenge.

Aniva Willoughby has been creating this beauty, check out the back of this English paper piecing quilt she's doing. To me, it was cooler than the front!

And a beautiful example of machine quilting by Helen Butler.

We were able to show a few of the medallions from our group members and they were really impressed. I heard a lot of comments afterwards about how we got some new wheels turning, and in the quilt world, that's always a good thing. Thanks for being so creative, friends, and sharing your talent with our Modern group!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Machine Quilting Option

Want to try a new long arm quilter you can trust? Wendy Nabham, from Eagle Mountain Quilting comes to Broadbents every Thursday from 9-10am to pick up or return quilts she's finished for clients. Every quilt I've had her do has been straight, had great stitching, and was well set. Wendy does Statler only, and has a large book of patterns to choose from when you drop off your quilt with her, ranging from 1-2 cents/inch. She also has a variety of battings you can choose from. And the best part? She has a one week turn around time.  If you're looking to get some projects done this fall, give her a try!

P.S. You are also welcome to arrange a time to swing by her studio if Thursday mornings doesn't work for you. She's not too far west from the Crossroads intersection.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meeting in Review: August 2013

Hello gals! I missed you all last weekend and am scrambling to catch up and get school kids out the door finally. Thanks for being patient as this post, and subsequent flickr pictures take a few days longer than normal.
Sounds like last class went really well.  We're obviously very excited to get this session rolling and we hope maybe you've got samplers on the mind a bit more, too. If you haven't picked up your choice of books or 10 fat quarters, please do so. We don't want you to miss any of the great perks! And if you would like to purchase a second book, there are some 99 Modern Blocks available, and more Tula Pink ordered and on the way.
Here are some samplers online that seemed cool to me: here, here, here, here, here, herehere, here and here. And the original sampler, Dear Jane, plus one made out of Kaffe Fassett only. So amazing! Please remember to bring any sampler you've done in the past to share with class next month.
JoyLyn talked a lot about continuing building our Modern community by utilizing several of the tools technology has brought us to share and learn from each other. I know there's a lot out there, and some of us might not feel comfortable using them, but I encourage you to find one you're comfortable with (if you're reading this blog, congratulations! You're already ahead.) and look into it.
  • This blog is always a place to check up for after-meeting info, as well as links to other sites
  • Our UCMQG flickr group has all show and tell from class members
  • Our UCMQG Medallion group is separate and only contains versions of our medallions from Session 4 - links to both pages can be found to the left of this page and are updated monthly
  • You are also welcome to join both groups and upload your own photos that may have been better photographic quality, or shots of what you're working on at home
  • To the right we have a list of class members who have blogs. If yours isn't there, please tell us and it will be added. This is a great place to check what other friends are working on, too.
  • If you are on Instagram, you can search the hashtag #UCMQG or #utahcountymodernquiltgroup to see class members' photos of what they're working on at home. And if you post any of your quilts in any way associated with/or inspired by our group, please include the hashtag too!
  • Our facebook group, Utah County MQG is a closed group, but just request an invitation and we will add you fast! Please let us know about worthy quilty fundraisers in the area here, or positive feedback from class, or even post fabric troubles you're having so we can use each other to help you out of a jam.
And now for a few other interesting tidbits that have no clever connecting threads:
If you missed class and want to join the text fabric exchange (8" squares with any writing on them, color doesn't matter), please comment here and let us know. We don't want to miss you.
Session 5 Open Sew Day is November 9th from 10am-2pm. Bring your machine and get cracking on a project you've wanted to finish or a Christmas gift for someone.

If you would like to have your Medallion quilt (in any stage) shared by JoyLyn and me during our presentation to the Alpine Quilt Guild next Tuesday, please drop your quilt off at Broadbents, where it will be lovingly watched over and guarded, and you can pick them up next Wednesday.
Ella's church, Community Presbyterian Church, made popular by the movie Footloose, is having a fundraiser for new beautiful stained glass windows and you can support their efforts through a Sew-in on September 6 at 10am. To find out more about the project and how you can help, check out their facebook page.
The Dog Kennel Quilt Guild in Highland is having a fundraiser for our very own Broadbents alum Julie's daughter who is battling cancer. They will be having a quilter's surplus sale and if you'd like to donate, you can drop off any unwanted fabric or quilters tools to the store, or come to the sale in September. More details can be found in the store.
I recently had my machine serviced in my own home by a professional and I highly recommend him to anyone. My sister even brought her machine from California on a recent trip and had hers done. Lee Stout is a retired Pfaff dealer who is easy to work with, very good, and friendly. He travels all up and down the Wasatch Front. For $85 he spent nearly an hour on all of the ins and outs of my machine, which was WAY overdue, and for an additional $5 per pair, he sharpened my scissors too. Give him a call! (801) 922-0393.

Happy sampling this month, we'll catch you in the fall!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

July Class in Review

Hooray for Session 4! Medallions were/are so fun and we're excited to be moving on to new and scrappy things next month. Everyone who chose to make medallions along with us came up with truly beautiful quilts. We would love to see them ongoing into next session, so whatever stage your medallion is in, please keep pecking away at it and bringing it for us to ooh and ah over.
Also please remember, if you haven't redeemed your card for all fabric from Session 4, you have until July 31st to do so, and then it will expire. I'm sure I don't have to remind you twice to go get your free fabric!
Session 5 begins in August and we're happy to say also begins our third year of Utah County Modern Quilt Group. This group has been such a great place for sharing your own individuality. I appreciate that each of you have been willing to share a part of you with all of us, and hope everyone feels safe in sometimes revealing mistakes and laughing a lot with the group. Please keep bringing whatever you make!
Thank you to those who brought guests to class, it's so fun to see new faces who are just as excited about quilting as we are!
As always, the group show-and-tell can be found in our flickr group, and the group medallions can be found at the UCMQG Medallion specific group. Both links are to the left of this blog. And if I missed a picture of your quilt on accident, or if you want to submit a better one of your quilt, please feel free! Things are moving fast during class and let's face it. I'm a quilter, not a saint.
A couple of changes for next session:
  • We will break into two groups again to manage traffic, so please make sure you sign up for the time slot that works best for you, until they fill up.
  • Your membership choices are one of two books, or 10 fat quarters to be chosen only as fat quarter cuts and all at the same time.
  • Sadly, Sydney will be moving to California and will not be joining us for Session 5. She has been a huge help both creatively and with the day to day of classes, and will be greatly missed!
See you all next month!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Paper Piecing Class, National MQG & A Challenge

Some odds and ends for you today.

If you would like to join the National Modern Quilt Guild, individual registration is now open!  Our Modern group is leaving it up to the individual to choose if they would like to join or not.  So make sure you look under the perks and fees for an individual.

Anna Morrison will be teaching another paper-piecing class next month, so if you missed the first one, make sure to join her for a great class. Anna is such a fantastic paper-piecer and we've had great feedback that her teaching skills are nothing less!

Also, Amy Smart has done a great job summing up and showing beautiful examples of the EZ Double Wedding Ring Quilting Challenge. If you would like to be a part of it, or check out what's going on with that, feel free to check out her blog.
We are so excited to be finishing strong with our last Session 4 class this Saturday at 9:30am. We will be meeting outside, feel free to bring a friend. Sign ups for Session 5 will be open, and we will give an introduction to all of the great things we have planned for August. Our medallions will be wrapped up, with a few surprises, and we hope to see everyone's medallions in whatever stage they're in right now, whether we've seen them finished before or not. It'll be a grand show!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Modern Quilt Group Session 5 Beginning in August

Utah County Modern Quilt Group
Session 5 – Scrappy Modern
Third Saturdays 9:30am or 11am
With JoyLyn Rigby, Kristin Barrus
& Anna Morrison
$30 Membership fee includes:

v   6 months of meetings - including class show-and-tell
v   Your choice of either Tula Pink’s City Sampler book, Modern Blocks compiled by Suzanne Woods, or 10 fat quarters of your choosing
v   15% off all Quilt Shop items on the day of meetings
v   Demos of quilt patterns, ideas, and books
v   Participation in our text fabric exchange
v   Discounted fees for a shop sew-in and paper-piecing class

Modern Samplers
Modern Samplers
The X & Plus Sign Quilt and variations
Our Favorite Gift Ideas
The Scrappy Trip Along Quilt
Machine Quilting taught by Jill Miskin


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Modern Medallion Mystery Month 5 - 7.5" Border

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful things you are sharing with us, ladies. I can't get over it. Everyone has been so uncomfortable with this medallion process, and I know I'm happy with what I've learned now that I'm at the end of it. If you're still working on yours, hang in there! It's kind of like creating a new quilt each month and takes more time (and fabric) than you'd think.
Next month is our last Session 4 class. You can get 25% off your finishing products for your medallion. We will also have the Session 5 quilt on display and sign ups will begin.  We'd love to see you back again. I love hearing that we all have the same fabric gripes and concerns and jokes and I always leave feeling more whole and comfortable in my own skin. So, thank you.
Also next month, please remember to bring your medallion at whatever phase it's in so we can get one final shot of it. Of course if you keep building on it we'd always love to see it any class in the future.  And you are welcome to bring a friend to share in our final class show and tell if you'd like.

P.S. Here's a link to the border workbook shared in class today.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

May Modern Medallion Month 4 - 8.5" Border

Thanks for another great medallion month, ladies! We are really enjoying the sharing and friendship that these medallions are bringing for each of us. At the end of the session, we are hoping everyone will bring their medallions, in whatever stage they're at, so that we can spend some extra moments getting great pictures of each of them for a finale gallery.
This month, if you are following along (and again, it's ok if you're not!), you could be working on an 8.5" border or some combination of smaller borders that make up that size. Several great examples were shown and will be emailed out this coming week. Thank you all for your patience regarding last month's patterns. Life gets complicated and sometimes it ebbs and flows, sometimes we're just getting washed out to sea!
And again, thank you all for being willing to combine meeting times for our last few months. It works better for the store this summer, and hopefully in June we can meet outside in the beautiful outdoors. I don't know about you, but the bird song makes any get together better.
Happy quilting!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

April Modern Medallion - Month 3 - 5.5" border

Friends! We keep seeing more medallions being begun and others growing. Thanks for taking the leap with us. Please check our flickr medallion group for the update. We also appreciate that additional projects are being shared from other fabric exchanges and other session samples and even other quilts catching your creative fancy. Those can always be found on our class show and tell flickr group. And still others love to just come and enjoy being inspired at this point in life. We love it all!
This month we're adding a 5.5" border, so your medallion before next class could measure 40.5". We shared five different borders this month, and all of those will be emailed to you in the coming week. If any of you are not receiving the monthly email, please let one of us know.
Anna's paper-piecing class is all but filled, and she will be sending an email out this week with a supply list.
Thank you, thank you ladies for coming when you can and bringing a piece of you to share with our group. We were a little rowdy today during show and tell (and will do better next month), but I know that I appreciated everything that was shared. We understand that you are giving us a peek into your soul when you stand in front of us with your fabric art. And it is beautiful.