Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kristin's American Stripes

Hello gals! So sorry to miss being with you last month, but happy July! I checked our flickr page and can't believe all the good that was done recently! I'm so bummed to have missed your great quilts in real life. I'm so happy you are creating and sharing with all of us. Keep it up!

I sent the finished part of my first stripe quilt with JoyLyn to show in my absence, and didn't send along any explanation. You're welcome! However, now I'm on board and here are the links I used.  My sister and I found this cutting board tutorial with three different woods and I just did it in fabric instead. I did see a pattern for something similar at Quilts Etc. recently, so they're out there, if you're not comfortable with my harey-carey way of doing things.  Using this tutorial, I sewed 3 trapezoids together to make triangles and used Y-seams to put them together in diagonal rows.  Since our exchange blocks were 8", I made the base of my trapezoids 8", my top 4", my angled side 4" and the heighth was 3 5/8".  I got 2 trapezoids out of each 8" exchange block.

Also, this wood stamp was found on Pinterest and I think it would be a terrific way to use your stripes, and half-square triangles. I had enough stripes (from madly collecting RWB stripes everywhere I went for four months) to do 2 quilts. My second one was going to be done like this wood stamp, but I cut my fabric wrong and now I just have a bunch of stripe HST's. Any suggestions are welcome!

Remember that in  July JoyLyn and I will be bringing exchange quilts to share for a trunk show. Some of you have participated in exchange quilts in the past, and some with me even. Lucky me! So if you have any to bring and share, I would love it! Also, remember it's a great idea to bring a friend and make it a girlfriend morning, too.

Happy Quilting and see you all in July!


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Anna M. said...

That is an amazing quilt, Kristin! I just may have to copy you!!! =)