Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Meeting In Review

We have such a fun group!  I just loved all the show-n-tell each of
you brought this month.  I look forward to spending time with you
on our one Saturday a month....I always leave so inspired!

In April we held our first round of our stripe fabric, squares exchange.....
I don't know about you but it seems I am looking for stripes
everywhere I go.  We will exchange for 3 months total.

We slowed things down a little this month....
Part of enjoying the process of quilting means once you have that beautiful
quilt top, you need to hold the front, back & batting together with some kind
of tie or quilting. 

Hand quilting of any type will slow down your production, but the calming, peaceful moments you will discover while you are quilting, might surprise you
and fill your cup in ways you never quite expected.

Utility Quilting is very popular....                Some call it Big Stitch, or Country Quilting.
                                                            Following you will find an information sheet....Kindly provided by Flora Gillman.
Thanks also to Flora for loaning us her great samples. 
They were inspiring!

Here is a link to Anna Maria Horner's Blog where she covers the topic as well.

Here is another link to a slide show with some other hints.

Two of my favorite books covering stitching with Pearle Cotton Threads are.....

Utility Quilting by Carolyn Forster

Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta

We also covered options for marking your quilt top.
* Generals Pencils
* Pounce Pad
* Frixon Pen
* Herra Marker
* Water or Air disappearing Marker

We talked about batting:
* I prefer Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting (80%  cotton 20% polyester)
* 100% organic bleached cotton batting
* Wool batting (super warm)
* Silk Batting
* Warm & White or Warm & Natural (gives more weight to a quilt)

We talked about basting:
* Hand Basting:  In a grid with doll needle & quilting thread. 
   I prefer to use YLI quilting thread if I have a choice. (Hand only!)
* Spray Basting:  I prefer 504 Spray Basting by Sullivan's (I think it
   holds better than 505 but use what you can find)
* Machine Basting:  There are long arm quilter's who will baste                       
   your quilt for you for under a penny a square inch.

Also for your viewing pleasure, click here to see the inspiration for Pamela's bricks quilt. It was made by the co-author of Material Obsessions, Sarah Fielke.

And, check out Red Pepper Quilts' blog for a great sample of using strips diagonally to make new squares. It's in her header, or do a search on her blog to get to the big pic.

A couple of other books you might find helpful are:
Loving Stitches by Jeana Kimball
Quilting Designs from the Past byJenny Carr Kinney

Don't forget to check out the flickr group & See you next month!
JoyLyn & Kristin

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