Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Meeting in Review

Well I think the bar has officially been raised, after seeing what some of you are doing with your black and white bricks! So exciting to see everyone's originality and creativity. Keep 'em coming!

The flickr pool should be updated later today, so you can review the great show-and-tell brought today, and flip through the past meetings, too. I love how some of us needed ideas and opinions on what to do next with their quilts and ideas were shared and friendships made. Everyone seems to have such great ideas and tips. I'm grateful to know you!

For those who signed up for the stripe exchange, don't forget your 8" blocks for next time. And if you wanted to join and didn't get signed up, let us know soon. We'll email those ladies individually next week to give the final count.

Some favorite books that were shared are Modern Blocks, Modern Log Cabin Quilting, The Practical Guide to Patchwork, Simplify, and Quilts, Quilts, Quilts! (which I couldn't find on Amazon).

JoyLyn shared the inspirational Granny Square Blocks. 
This is such a great way to use up your scraps....
Pair them with a great neutral solid and before you know it you will have an awesome quilt!  Here is the link with directions and fabulous pictures. The Blue Elephant

And as far as the log cabin ideas go, Kristin shared the snail, as seen in Boo Davis' book Dare to Be Square Quilting.

Amy Ellis' take on log cabin from her book Modern Basics.

The St. Patrick's scrappy quilt was from Malka Dubrawsky's Fresh Quilting.

The Japanese Storybook was just one of Kristin's creations, easy enough to try yourself.

 Same goes for this version of the Wonky Log Cabin.

Other log cabin ideas online that we liked are here, here, here, here, here, here and here.

Kristin's quilts are blogged at various points on her blog, and will be completed and posted as soon as dinner gets made . . .

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Anna M. said...

Hi! Thanks for posting all those great links for log cabin well as the books.

Here is a link that I found for the Quilts Quilts Quilts book:

Thanks again! I love this's so much fun!