Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Meeting In Review

Hello friends! Thanks for bringing such beautiful things to show again this month! Inspiring, as always. It's fun learning together, I appreciate your tips and feedback. And we missed you Brittany, Susan and Jill! As always, you can check out our monthly show-and-tell's at our flickr group, Broadbent's Modern Quilt Group at

JoyLyn's quilt-along blocks this month were the disappearing 9-patch here is the link for some tutorials....Tutorial #1, Tutorial #2, Tutorial #3, Tutorial #4, Tutorial #5

Also the framed square or Bulls-Eye.  made with 2 1/2" strips.  I will put the instructions in the pattern file.  The quilts shown is made with just this one block.

Kristin's quilt-along blocks were raw-edge applique o's for her tic-tack-toe quilt. That was the last of them, so stay tuned for the finished quilt!

This month we talked a lot about different kinds of raw-edge applique. Tools we discussed were Steam-a-Seam interfacing, General's fabric marking pencils, and Fabric 505 fabric basting spray. Don't forget the awesome new book "Modern Mix" by Jessica Levitt.... If you'd like to follow the progress of Kristin's Salt Lake Temple project, she will post her progress at her blog along the way.

JoyLyn showed a great raw-edge applique pillow displaying a tree with leaves in different colorful fabrics. Other ways to do it would be making it larger, for a medallion quilt, or to do four, one for each season. Congrats Ashley, for winning the kit!  Here is the link for instructions.  Thanks for the inspiration Cluck Cluck Sew....Pillow Tutorial Link

Kristin showed two other ways of raw-edge applique that have frayed edges, and are also quilt-as-you-go. The first one, with the orange peel template is called Abundantly Blessed by Cotton Way.

The second's instructions, with the 2.5" squares, is below. Kristin also has two others she did for a school fundraiser on her blog.

Frayed Edge Baby Quilt Instructions:

Fabric Needed for 43" Square Quilt:
45" Backing
45" Top
45" Piece of Batting
Various 2.5" Squares (I used 12x12 to equal 144 squares)
Washable Pencil or Marker
Fabric Glue
Lots of pins
(If you want a crib size - 40x60 - adjust your backing, top, and batting to 60" long)

1. Cut your top to 1" shorter than your backing
2. Find the center left-to-right of your top and draw a line. Do the same top-to-bottom. Continue to draw lines in both directions 3" apart. You can take the lines to the edge or leave a 6" "border" with no squares.
3. Lay your three layers out on the floor - backing face down, then batting, then top face up. Glue this sandwich together making sure it's all smooth and straight.
4. Lay your 2.5" squares out with each of them in the top left corner of the squares you drew in and pin them down.
5. Take the sandwich to your machine and sew a line down the middle row first in both directions, 1/4" away from each fabric square's edge, and then along all other rows. (You will not be sewing on the grid lines you drew, just the fabric squares only.

6. Once you've got all of the lines sewn, trim the edges of your quilt and bind.

Another one done by a Broadbent's employee in soft fabrics, can be purchased in kit form in the store.

Here are some other raw edge ideas that we found online:
Thanks for a great month, see you in November for some holiday gift-giving ideas!

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