Monday, August 29, 2011

Books We Love

Since I'm sure not everyone got a chance to thoroughly paruse the great books we had on the food table at last month's meeting, I wanted to let you all know that we will always have great books on that table! And in case you want to check them out online first, there is a link list on the left hand side of this blog now, too. And if you want us to add a book you love that we haven't listed, let us know!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August Meeting in Review

Thanks to all of our new friends who joined us Saturday! It was fun meeting all of you, and JoyLyn and I look forward to getting to know you better. As we talked about, we hope this group will become a friendship circle where anyone is welcome to jump in at any time, and everyone brings projects in whatever phases they're in to show and inspire everyone else. We hope our group will grow in fun and members!

JoyLyn has added tabs on this blog's homepage for the patterns we referred to, and for recipes we share during our meetings. This month contains the Stacked Coins Adapted, which you should have received in your strips package, and our quilt-along blocks.

It was so fun seeing what you had to share. I missed a couple of them, but here are two fantastic examples from our group:

We also introduced our Denyse Schmidt give-away. Each month you can enter and reenter your name in our fishbowl to win some Katie Jump Rope pieces in a drawing we'll pull from in December as a Merry Christmas to someone in our group! We also hope you enjoyed the books we brought to flip through. I will make another post with a list of those books this week. 

We discussed ways to store your scraps by color, to help you in your modern quilting. Here is a picture of my scraps bins by color:

And here's a link to a quilter online who keeps mason jars for a project she's working on. And here's the fantastic quilt finished. I really love her blog and everything she does.

I did a demo on how to do the purple Stacked Coins quilt the way I did it, and then gave some suggestions for how you could do this method in different ways. I showed an in-progress quilt called Random Reflections from Moda Bake Shop. We also discussed cutting all of the pattern strips off evenly on the sides and putting a border on the sides, like my daughter did on her black and pink quilt. Or starting all of the pattern strips from the same point and having all of the broadcloth on the other side. I also talked about the Chopped Vegetables pillows.

And finally, JoyLyn and I introduced our quilt-along projects. Each month we will bring more blocks that will build on each other, or give you great ideas for a repetitive block quilt. Here are mine:

And here are JoyLyn's:

 JoyLyn used the Easy Dresden ruler by  
Darlene Zimmerman for EZ Quilting.
What a treat!
These are the Rail Fence Blocks JoyLyn calls "Fruit Stripe Gum"

One of you asked for directions for half-square triangles and here's one I found online that looks easy peasy. She uses a special ruler in the last step, which you wouldn't necessarily need, so for our purposes, ignore that step. Just remember that whatever size you want your half-square triangle to finish at, add 5/8" to your starting squares. If enough people in our class comment that they'd like a demo in class, we'd be happy to oblige!
That's it for this month's class. We'll see you all in September for more strip quilting the modern way. And we look forward to any bits you get done in the meantime!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Class Reminder

Saturday is our first Modern Quilt Group meeting. We look forward to meeting all of you, and hope you have a great time.

While you're in the shop, check out Domiciles, a new pattern by Aardvark Quilts. It's on my "must quilt!" list. Maybe it's the orange, maybe it's the scrapability, but I love this quilt!