Sunday, December 18, 2011

Modern Quilt Group Session #2

Our next 6-month session of the Broadbents Modern Quilt Group begins in February! JoyLyn and I are so excited to continue on with our group, and hopefully add some new faces this time around, too. This session we're going to have a stripe fabric swap too, so come join us! Here is what's in store for the next session:

$30 Membership fee includes:
  • First 6 months of meetings
  • 56 4x9" bricks to make your own Bricks quilt + 15% off your filler fabric for the body of quilt
  • Free binding when your Bricks quilt top is finished and shown
  • 15% off all Quilt Shop items on the day of meetings (off regular price)
  • Demos of quilt patterns, ideas, notions and books
February - Intro to Bricks; meet the group, bring your own quilts to share, see a demo of our Bricks quilt

March - Wonky Log Cabin demo & ideas, bring your brick top finished and recieve free binding, plus join our stripe fabric exchange

April - Hand stitching demonstration to finish your quilts in the new modern way, plus exchange your stripe fabric

May - Learn to put people into your quilts to make them more personal

June - Rounded edges demo & methods

July - Trunk Show

For some ideas on how to use bricks in quilts, click here, here, here, here, here, and here.  And find some you like online as well! There's plenty out there . . .

December Meeting in Review

Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who came this month! It's always fun to see show-and-tell from the group, which is really what we're all about.  Check out the flickr page for photos.

Kristin gave us a wonderful trunk show, so many wonderful quilts! It was such a feast for the eyes and the imagination.  It was so much fun to see some of her quilt journey.  I posted a few pics on flickr, but I was so busy enjoying I only snapped a very small portion of what she brought.
Thanks Kristin!

Here are a few links to some questions raised during the Trunk Show, please let us know if we missed any.

New Wave pattern by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson!

Turning 20 Just Got Better pattern

Amy Ellis' Modern Basics book

Heat Press Batting Together : webbing product to secure two pieces of batting together for economical quilting

One of the quilt patterns you all were interested in is by Maple Island Quilts "Sidelines"

Check out the recipe tab for the "Carmel Apple Cider" & "Soft Gingersnap" cookies.

See you in January!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November Meeting In Review

November brought tons of great gift-making ideas. As always, stay tuned to our flickr group to see this month's fantastic show and tell. I love it!

Here are the gift ideas, so that you can make your own and pass on the love.

Here is Kristin's Rag Bowl. It turned out about 4-5" tall and used 17, 3/4" strips, and less than half of the 50 yards of cording I bought at Hobby Lobby in their jewelry aisle.

And here's the Fabric Chain shown. I found that 14 fat quarters = 56 rings + 2 yard Fast2Fuse interfacing. (I made 28, since I was using fat eighths.)

This Owl Decoration can be used as a pin, an add to a gift bow, hairband, etc. Possibilities unlimited.
  1. Find a cup with a small round base or lip and trace circles using 6 fabrics you like.
  2. Layer all 6 circles right on top of each other, and use the same circle template to draw 2 side circles on top of your stack, like baseball threading.
  3. Sew over those two half circles to attach all 6 fabrics together.
  4. With small scissors, cut away each layer, starting with the top, a little larger than the one above it, so that the layers fan out on the sides.
  5. Trim the top to make ears
  6. Glue eyes and maybe a beak (I used a heart)

Ipad Sleeve:  Moda Bake Shop"The Bookeeper" by Kim Walus
Customize the size to fit your own personal notebook.

I love the i-Top by Imaginisce  Make covered buttons, brads, magnets & snaps in 3 sizes
The tool comes with the small and med. size attachments, if you want the large you need to
purchase the adapter seperately. Find it at Scrapbook stores, craft stores.

Quick & Easy Tissue Holder:

Infinity Scarf:Tutorial
On the light weight cotton and Linen weight scarf I bought 2 yards of fabric.  then I cut down the factory fold which gave me two pieces approx. 22" x 72".  Each piece makes one scarf.  i then followed the tutorial for construction.
On the scarf made from "Moda Fireside" plush, I bought 3/4 yard (27") the fabric is 60" wide so I cut my scarf 24" by the 60" wide, then I followed the tutorial for construction.  this gives you one scarf. 

Fabric Flowers: "Spring Flowers" and  "Petal Flower" and "Shabby-Chic Fleur"

Hot Pads & Oven Mitt:  Book "One Yard Wonders" by Rebecca Yaker & Patricia Hoskins
The booster seats & Hot/Cold rice pack also came from this book.

Clear Vinyl Zipper Bag:  "Fresh Fabric Treats"  by Moda Bake Shop

Cell Phone Holder Is found in "The New Handmade"book  by Cassie Barden
 & the Printed Vinyl Fabric Pouches in 4 sizes are found in  Amy Butler's" Style Stitches" book.

Designer Covered Hangers:  No pattern but if I get some time i will come up with a tutorial.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar:  Pattern available to our Group Members. 
Email JoyLyn & she will check the list & sent it out to you.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Fabric for 15% off New!

Broadbent's Quilt Shop has teamed up with
Builders Without Borders of Utah
What does that mean?
We are looking for your quilting donations....
Fabric, Yarn, Thread, Thumb tacks, Needles (No batting please)
Any size fabric pieces, any type of fabric.
Bring your donation To Broadbent's Quilt Shop
between Friday, November 4th & Friday November 11th
We will have a donation box ready.
In thanks for your generosity take 15% off your fabric purchase
at the time of donation.
Donate as many times as you like.
(discount off retail price and only good on day and time
of donation)
Builders Without Borders of Utah takes quilting
supplies, School Bags & other items to Mexico each year around Thanksgiving.
They teach the natives to sew and quilt for personal use
then locals can set up a cottage industry as a way to provide for their families.
Their main goal is to help build homes & schools as well as home repairs.
We hope you take the opportunity to share your surplus
& unused items with those in need.
We GIVE THANKS each day for our great customers & friends
& the bounty we enjoy!
Broadbent's Quilting Chicks

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Local Quilt Retreat

My childhood friend, Pamela, is organizing a quilting retreat next month right here in Lehi, Utah. It will be two days of open quilting, with one class, a trunk show, and a bird's eye review of Quilt Market this fall. I will be spending most of the two days there, and would love my quilty friends to join us! The food will be fabulous, and it's always fun to see what others are doing. Check out her blog for all of the nitty gritty.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

October Meeting In Review

Hello friends! Thanks for bringing such beautiful things to show again this month! Inspiring, as always. It's fun learning together, I appreciate your tips and feedback. And we missed you Brittany, Susan and Jill! As always, you can check out our monthly show-and-tell's at our flickr group, Broadbent's Modern Quilt Group at

JoyLyn's quilt-along blocks this month were the disappearing 9-patch here is the link for some tutorials....Tutorial #1, Tutorial #2, Tutorial #3, Tutorial #4, Tutorial #5

Also the framed square or Bulls-Eye.  made with 2 1/2" strips.  I will put the instructions in the pattern file.  The quilts shown is made with just this one block.

Kristin's quilt-along blocks were raw-edge applique o's for her tic-tack-toe quilt. That was the last of them, so stay tuned for the finished quilt!

This month we talked a lot about different kinds of raw-edge applique. Tools we discussed were Steam-a-Seam interfacing, General's fabric marking pencils, and Fabric 505 fabric basting spray. Don't forget the awesome new book "Modern Mix" by Jessica Levitt.... If you'd like to follow the progress of Kristin's Salt Lake Temple project, she will post her progress at her blog along the way.

JoyLyn showed a great raw-edge applique pillow displaying a tree with leaves in different colorful fabrics. Other ways to do it would be making it larger, for a medallion quilt, or to do four, one for each season. Congrats Ashley, for winning the kit!  Here is the link for instructions.  Thanks for the inspiration Cluck Cluck Sew....Pillow Tutorial Link

Kristin showed two other ways of raw-edge applique that have frayed edges, and are also quilt-as-you-go. The first one, with the orange peel template is called Abundantly Blessed by Cotton Way.

The second's instructions, with the 2.5" squares, is below. Kristin also has two others she did for a school fundraiser on her blog.

Frayed Edge Baby Quilt Instructions:

Fabric Needed for 43" Square Quilt:
45" Backing
45" Top
45" Piece of Batting
Various 2.5" Squares (I used 12x12 to equal 144 squares)
Washable Pencil or Marker
Fabric Glue
Lots of pins
(If you want a crib size - 40x60 - adjust your backing, top, and batting to 60" long)

1. Cut your top to 1" shorter than your backing
2. Find the center left-to-right of your top and draw a line. Do the same top-to-bottom. Continue to draw lines in both directions 3" apart. You can take the lines to the edge or leave a 6" "border" with no squares.
3. Lay your three layers out on the floor - backing face down, then batting, then top face up. Glue this sandwich together making sure it's all smooth and straight.
4. Lay your 2.5" squares out with each of them in the top left corner of the squares you drew in and pin them down.
5. Take the sandwich to your machine and sew a line down the middle row first in both directions, 1/4" away from each fabric square's edge, and then along all other rows. (You will not be sewing on the grid lines you drew, just the fabric squares only.

6. Once you've got all of the lines sewn, trim the edges of your quilt and bind.

Another one done by a Broadbent's employee in soft fabrics, can be purchased in kit form in the store.

Here are some other raw edge ideas that we found online:
Thanks for a great month, see you in November for some holiday gift-giving ideas!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

September Meeting In Review

September's meeting was mainly on strips. We gave you a lot of great ideas and information, now here's where we write it all down in digestible parts!

We LOVED seeing your quilts! What fun it is to see how different everyone made their Stacked Coins quilt. You can check out our flickr group to see a review of all of those.  Click here, or the flickr link on the left hand side of the main page of our blog.

Foreign Currency by Cherry House Quilts, is made up of all solids. The store still has some kits + patterns, or just patterns, if you're interested. We also have some Easy Dresden Rulers left, $7.50 each. Remember to look for color palettes you like in story books, home dec magazines, clothing, basically everywhere in the world around you. If you notice a certain color palette is pleasing to your eye, then that's the one for you!

The Jelly Roll 1600 samples have more kits as well. This is a fun way to use 40, 2.5" strips. Check out the link to see a quilt group race, or to get instructions.

Kristin's quilt along blocks this month is string X's and prairie points. Remember, prairie points take 4 background squares, and 4 equal sized prints folded as triangles and laid out like a pinwheel. Have fun using scraps for these blocks.

JoyLyn showed a modern "NORTH STAR" using Quiltsmart,

As well as a Wonky Log Cabin Block Tutorial,       #2 Tutorial,
(just search Wonky Log Cabin blocks and you will find tons of tutorials.)

The Utah Quilt Guild Quilt Festival is Sept 20-24th.

And finally, here is another strip quilt as you go idea. Some great ideas were shared today on top stitching with your regular sewing machine. Next month we'll go over making the quilt sandwich, as well as a binding demo. In the meantime, here is a great place to go online for a binding demo. She finishes with machine, we will show how we hand stitch in October's meeting.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


A new site on the web for saving images you see and love is Pinterest. I just started my own virtual bulletin board with our group in mind. If you want to see what I liked, check it out. There are great ideas to further your skills and creativity as we go in class.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Books We Love

Since I'm sure not everyone got a chance to thoroughly paruse the great books we had on the food table at last month's meeting, I wanted to let you all know that we will always have great books on that table! And in case you want to check them out online first, there is a link list on the left hand side of this blog now, too. And if you want us to add a book you love that we haven't listed, let us know!

Monday, August 22, 2011

August Meeting in Review

Thanks to all of our new friends who joined us Saturday! It was fun meeting all of you, and JoyLyn and I look forward to getting to know you better. As we talked about, we hope this group will become a friendship circle where anyone is welcome to jump in at any time, and everyone brings projects in whatever phases they're in to show and inspire everyone else. We hope our group will grow in fun and members!

JoyLyn has added tabs on this blog's homepage for the patterns we referred to, and for recipes we share during our meetings. This month contains the Stacked Coins Adapted, which you should have received in your strips package, and our quilt-along blocks.

It was so fun seeing what you had to share. I missed a couple of them, but here are two fantastic examples from our group:

We also introduced our Denyse Schmidt give-away. Each month you can enter and reenter your name in our fishbowl to win some Katie Jump Rope pieces in a drawing we'll pull from in December as a Merry Christmas to someone in our group! We also hope you enjoyed the books we brought to flip through. I will make another post with a list of those books this week. 

We discussed ways to store your scraps by color, to help you in your modern quilting. Here is a picture of my scraps bins by color:

And here's a link to a quilter online who keeps mason jars for a project she's working on. And here's the fantastic quilt finished. I really love her blog and everything she does.

I did a demo on how to do the purple Stacked Coins quilt the way I did it, and then gave some suggestions for how you could do this method in different ways. I showed an in-progress quilt called Random Reflections from Moda Bake Shop. We also discussed cutting all of the pattern strips off evenly on the sides and putting a border on the sides, like my daughter did on her black and pink quilt. Or starting all of the pattern strips from the same point and having all of the broadcloth on the other side. I also talked about the Chopped Vegetables pillows.

And finally, JoyLyn and I introduced our quilt-along projects. Each month we will bring more blocks that will build on each other, or give you great ideas for a repetitive block quilt. Here are mine:

And here are JoyLyn's:

 JoyLyn used the Easy Dresden ruler by  
Darlene Zimmerman for EZ Quilting.
What a treat!
These are the Rail Fence Blocks JoyLyn calls "Fruit Stripe Gum"

One of you asked for directions for half-square triangles and here's one I found online that looks easy peasy. She uses a special ruler in the last step, which you wouldn't necessarily need, so for our purposes, ignore that step. Just remember that whatever size you want your half-square triangle to finish at, add 5/8" to your starting squares. If enough people in our class comment that they'd like a demo in class, we'd be happy to oblige!
That's it for this month's class. We'll see you all in September for more strip quilting the modern way. And we look forward to any bits you get done in the meantime!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August Class Reminder

Saturday is our first Modern Quilt Group meeting. We look forward to meeting all of you, and hope you have a great time.

While you're in the shop, check out Domiciles, a new pattern by Aardvark Quilts. It's on my "must quilt!" list. Maybe it's the orange, maybe it's the scrapability, but I love this quilt!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Foreign Currency

September we will be discussing strip quilting. Modern quilting seems so geometric at times, and we'll focus on this avenue during this meeting. Here's a sneak peek at one of the quilts we'll be sharing.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

A New Beginning In August

Welcome to Lehi's new Modern Quilt Group, sponsored by Broadbents. JoyLyn Rigby & Kristin Barrus will be leading our group's meetings every third Saturday at 930am, beginning in August. And this is the challenge quilt we will start with. You can make this exact quilt, or use its basic principles to see what your strips will turn into!
$30 Membership fee includes:
  • First 6 months of meetings
  • Bag of fabric strips to make your own Stacked Coins quilt + 15% off your broadcloth for this quilt
  • Free binding when your Stacked Coins quilt top is finished and shown
  • 15% off all Quilt Shop items on the day of meetings
  • Free in-class block patterns
  • Free make-and-takes for gift ideas
  • Demos of quilt patterns, ideas, and books
And here's our first 6 months schedule:

August - Intro to Modern Quilting; meet the group, bring your own quilts to share, see a demo of Stacked Coins + examples of traditional quilt blocks made modern

September - Holiday Strip Examples; 2 different ways to strip quilt in style, plus receive free binding for Stacked Coins if your finished top is shown

October - Raw Edge Methods; use circles and wonky shapes to create pictures in your quilts

November - Gift Ideas Make-and-Takes; iPad covers, owl pins, flower covered buttons and more!

December - Trunk Show

January - Using Letters; bring names and quotes into your quilts with Tonya Ricucci's Word Play method

Stop by Broadbents for more details, or to join us!! We'd love to have you.