Monday, February 12, 2018

February Meeting...Guest Speaker


11:00 Saturday, February 17th

Please feel free to invite a friend!

Show & Tell welcomed!

Tula Pink House exchange due.


We are so excited to 
Welcome @hello.erikabea 
(formerly @pinksuedshoe) 
as our special speaker.

Erika loves PINK and she is a quilter, among many other talents.  
Her life is crafted around the light, bright and cheerful.  
Take a look at her instagram feed.  
You can't help but be inspired.
Come spend the afternoon listening to and looking at 
some of what inspires Erika to create

Photos courtesy of @hello.erikabea instagram feed

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Where Are We At?


Several great things are happening here at UCMQG, and as we all look forward to plan what we can in 2018, I thought I'd give a list of moving parts in our group.

  • January's meeting date HAS BEEN MOVED TO the 27th and will be a Sew Day. After any Show and Tell you are free to stay and sew anything you'd like to work on, including and especially a row quilt, if you've got one in mind.
  • Valentine Fabric Swap bundles will be passed out by Anna in January's meeting.
  • February's Trunk Show will be by Erika - Pink Suede Shoes @hello.erikabea
  • Tula Pink house blocks are due at February's meeting. Click here to remind yourself of those guidelines.
  • April is when your What Does Quilting Mean to Me challenge project is due. Click here to reread that topic.
  • Pillowcases for charity will be accepted at any meeting through June. 
  • And finally, just a plug for remembering our overall theme in our group moving forward: Get Out of Your Box. We hope that one of the reasons you keep coming to UCMQG is that you want to try new things, be inspired, and keep pushing yourself in whatever small ways feel comfortable to you right now. So often I feel we are pushed and pulled in directions not of our choosing, and I hope patchwork creativity is one place that feels safe to explore and develop in, and that by so doing, other areas of your world will benefit.

Here's to 2018, everyone. May the fabric be cut straight, the sales be advantageous, the friendships deepened, and the time in front of a machine be rejuvenating.

Pillowcases for Charity

Happy New Year UCMQG! This year will be full of many things planned, and even more things unplanned, if your lives are anything like mine. As I look forward to the good, and prepare for the unexpected, my mind turns to how sewing will soothe and smooth over the bumpy road. As a group, we would like to be mindful of the great need in our community more. Jill has been put in charge of our group charity sewing and after a lot of careful thought and research, has chosen our first project together.

This Winter & Spring we will be making pillowcases for Ryan's Case for Smiles. So often children feel the disruptions of normal routines deeper than we do, and being in the hospital is a major bump in anyone's road. We will be sewing and collecting pillowcases to donate to this charity through our June meeting, and then Jill will take them to the donation center.

Please be mindful of their guidelines found here (i.e. no glitter or skull or seasonal fabrics. No flannel - the website says it’s acceptable in some hospitals, but Jill would rather not mess with it at all.  Prewash in non scented detergent, iron and place in a gallon zip lock bag). Their specific set of sewing instructions can be found here. They prefer fun novelty prints, so if you've got a stash of them, this is a great opportunity to put them to good use! If any of you have novelty fabrics to share with the group, but feel unable to sew any pillowcases during this season of life, feel free to bring your fabric to share at our meetings and someone else can take them home to sew.

If you have any questions about this project, please let us know. Here's to a great new year!

Monday, December 11, 2017

December Meeting Reminder

December Party
Celebrate the Holiday Season with us
Saturday, December 16, 11:00 
We will have Show & Tell
We are having two optional activities:
#1 - Cookie Exchange: Bring 1 Dozen cookies to exchange
& a container to take home 1 Dozen different cookies.

#2 - Thread Catcher Exchange: Make 1 thread catcher (link for pattern on the blog) include a small treat and a small notion. Please bring it wrapped.

                                     December is the last fabric exchange,                                                 
low volume, for those participating. Contact Anna with questions.
This is a no-sew month.

JANUARY MEETING CHANGED TO SATURDAY, January 27th. 11-2 it’s a sew day!
This is a week later than our usual meeting day.

We are excited to see you!
JoyLyn, Kristin, Anna, Pamela & Sydney

Sunday, November 26, 2017

December Project Swap

In December we will be having a fun Christmas party, complete with dessert and creativity! Please come, and if you would like to participate in a cookie/bar exchange, bring a plate to share and an extra plate to gather yours. Also I failed to say today that it would be great if you would bring a copy or text me a picture of the recipe you end up using so we can share those, too.

And in lieu of sewing, we will be having a project swap led by Anna. If you would like to participate, please bring this thread catcher made with your own flair, wrapped with a notion and treat. 

Next month will also be the last month to turn in your fabrics if you are participating in the swap. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Favorite Things 2017

So many beautiful ideas brought for your Favorite Things, thanks to everyone who tried something new and brought a great idea. Please see the previous post for more info on December's party.

The Abbey Bag  by Abbey Lane, made by Peggy

Toy Snow Globes, made by Amanda

A Kindle Cover, made by Rachel

The Fat Quarter Bag, made by Teena

Kleenex Pouch Cover, made by Michelle

Curling Iron Sleeve, made by Brenda

Mondo Bag, made by Brenda

Carla Crafts on Craftsy, made by Andrea

Single Scoop bag, made by Hilary

Polymer Clay Gifts, made by Crystal

Vintage Dresses Pouch, made by Peggy

Fall Trivets, made by Ann

Triangle Pouch, made by Kristen P.

Devon Pouch, made by Jenn B.

Felted Wool Trivet, Dryer Balls, Needlepunch, made by Diane

Soap Pockets, made by JoyLyn

Wilton Candy Spoons, made by JoyLyn

The Big Blue IKEA Bag was also suggested by Kate

We hope this holiday season you can feel the love of family and friends and know how much we love you! Happy creating!!

Monday, November 13, 2017