Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Session 12 February 2017

Session 12: "Modern Market Trends" is off to a terrific start!  

This session we are mixing things up a little, we have chosen trends and fads in the Modern quilt industry for each month and invited our members to choose one of the areas where they would like to experiment, and then share their experience with the group. We hope this gives you a boost to try something new, create something new, share something new.  

In March we will be discussing the work of Carolyn Friedlander. Reminder that the Metallic Swap is open, sign ups close next month. 
JoyLyn, Kristin, Anna, Pamela & Sydney

February was "Envelopes and Gems"

Emily James shared these envelopes and hearts.

Here are Emily's gems, using the Gemology Block by SarahRoseQuilts on  If you look close you can see that she added a heat transfer with each gem's name.

Susan Greenwood shared these envelopes & hearts.

Here is Susan's gem using Gem Stone by Quilt It Out on Craftsy.  She used the metallic linen in the center.

Lauren Waldram made this great gem for us, also using the Gemology Block.

Lori Wells tried envelopes from Love Notes Quilt from Missouri Star Company.

Lori also found inspiration to trace a future gem project from a store logo near her work.

Kristin Experimented with these envelopes from You've Got Mail, by Auymi Takahashi in Patchwork Please, and gems also using Gemology.

Anna tested out 3 different envelope ideas, using Return to Sender by Kelly Liddle in Love Patchwork & Quilting Issue 7 2014, and the Missouri Star block, sewn up by Jenn Barclay.

Two other block ideas you can look into, in addition to many others online, are Letters from Home by Heather Givens at & Envelopes by Carolyn Friedlander.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Metallic Fabric Swap


Some of you are very excited for our metallics swap next session, and I also completely understand wanting to take advantage of sales. Here is some criteria for you if you want to get a jump on it, but please don't stress. This is the Session 12 fabric swap, and that technically doesn't start until February. You may post your choices now if you'd like - there are many, many options out there.

  • 3 yards of fabric with any metallic element, cut into fat eighths
  • Sign ups for the swap will be in February & March, with fabric due in April, to be swapped and returned to you in May
  • There are lots of MODERN fabrics with metallic around today, we saw several great choices in quilts shown on Saturday. Please make sure your piece is from the last 3 years.
  • Any weight is allowed i.e. cotton, linen, canvas and it can be solid or print.
  • Here's a link to one website with some great examples, but you can purchase from wherever you choose, including Broadbents. 
  • YOU MUST review #ucmqgmetallicswap hashtag on instagram to make sure yours isn't used yet, and post a picture with the same hashtag so no one else buys yours. Duplicates will not be accepted this time around. There are lots of beautiful choices out there, bring variety!
Thanks and have fun choosing!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Session 12

November's Favorite Things

The post you've all been waiting for! Here is a run down of as many of the beautiful things brought on Saturday that I could snap a picture at:

Bucket of Fish on Moda Bake Shop

Holiday Pincushions

Adding buttons to a tree in a quilt

Tree door decoration and ornament

Goody goody binding kit by Vanessa G Lellaboutique

Practical Project bag by Rick Rack & Polka Dots on Craftsy

Charm pack holder adapted by Jenn Barclay

Shelf Santa

Holiday bunting

Zipper bags by Kimberbell

Kindle cover by

Tea wallet by quilting

Ha'ato beach bag

Fabric box by Aneela Hoey

Fabric twine by My Poppet Makes in Australia

Curling iron travel case from

Free pattern from Thimbles & Threads

Open wide bag by Annie

Rose pincushion cuff by

Noodle head bag

So many fun gift ideas, thanks to everyone for sharing. Remember next month (December) is the pincushion swap and January our hoops are due. Much love and gratitude to all in our group!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September Meeting in Review

Such fantastic Show and Tell this month friends!  As of this month, I will only be putting highlights of this on Instagram the day of class, and not editing and putting all of them on the Flickr page. You can follow our group @ucmqg on Instagram.

Here is the link for the paper-pieced block Anna showed (note this is not the one she will be teaching in the class on Oct 8.).

Here is the link for the flying geese pieced method she showed.

Here is a link to some easy traditional flying geese block measurements that I showed.

And here is the link to the website for the ruler you can choose this session. If you would like, you can choose fat quarters instead. Remember all punches on your card for Session 11 will expire January 31, 2017.

Sign ups for the hoops will continue through next month; if you did not receive one during class we will order more for you to pick one up next month. Be thinking of how you want to fill yours!

Sign ups for the bird fabric swap have closed. Please make sure you check the Instagram hashtag #ucmqgbirdswap before buying your 4 yards, and then post the beautiful birds you chose with the hashtag so no one duplicates more than once. For full details on this swap, read the instructions posted earlier. ALL FABRIC IS DUE AT OCTOBER'S MEETING.

The next two months we will be changing our original plans a bit. The other 3 flying geese methods will now be taught by JoyLyn in November, along with the special Show and Tell from all of you on Your Favorite Things (gifts other than quilts to give and receive using fabric). In October I will share a Kaffe Fassett trunk show of pieces I have been working on the last few years, and the projects our Kaffe class has been creating in 2016.

Thank you again for bringing your creativity and friendships to our group!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sewing Machine Repair

Friends, I hope I'm not the only one limping along with needed repairs to her machine. Thanks for the reminder (and encouragement). Here is the repairman I've used. He is a very kind, retired machine salesman/repairman and very quick to come TO YOUR HOME! I will also call him (to tune up my machine) and see if he will come to a meeting this session to sharpen scissors for the group.

Lee Stout 801-922-0393

Bird Swap Rules

Going along with our flying geese theme, Session 11 includes a bird fabric swap, should you want to participate. Sign ups for this will close after September's meeting. Here are the rules for this particular swap:

  • Please check our instagram hashtag #ucmqgbirdswap to make sure the bird fabric you have your eye on hasn't been used yet. We will only allow 2 duplicates of any fabric. 
  • Post a picture of the fabric you purchased, and use the hashtag.
  • Any size or color bird print, please choose current quilt shop quality fabric. (We are hoping to avoid Angry Birds, or any hunting type theme. Think current and Modern and you'll be fine.)
  • Buy 4 yards of the same print, and cut it into 16 fat quarters - put them all into a bag with your name on it.
  • Bring your 16 fat quarters to our Modern meeting in October.
  • Anna will swap the fabrics and return them to everyone in November.
Any questions, let us know! So far the fabrics I'm seeing on insta are awesome!!!