Thursday, July 23, 2015

Meet the Group: Christy

Christy joined us as a beginning quilter when we were doing our medallion series. I remember how excited she was to learn something new. She loved reproduction fabrics initially, and I have seen her explore and discover other styles to find what makes her fabric collection.

With an infectious smile and friendly personality, Christy is inspired by other people's creations in our group - I agree! - and picks up on tips and tricks. She is such a fast learner, and I love how she involves her children in her fabric play. 

I love that this group is so welcoming to all ages and skill levels. The one thing that unites all of us is our love of the feel of fabric and how much creating anything with it feeds our souls. 

July Meeting in Review

Fabric dying can be a new level of involvement in your quilts and open channels of creativity you might not have experimented with yet. A big thank you to Pamela for sharing her fabric dying journey with us this month, and to Jeanette for teaching the fabric dying class after.

(Pamela and Jeanette's favorite company to use is Dharma Dyes.)

Here are a few shots of their quilts using fabrics they have made, as well as the ladies having fun in class. My daughter and I tried to only do blues this time - a few greens slipped in on accident - and I can't wait to get my pieces back next month.

Speaking of next month, remember sign ups begin this Monday, July 27th. We are going to continue along the color journey and maybe get you to keep trying new things in your quilting rooms at home.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Session 9 UCMQG

Introducing Session 9.....Utah County Modern Quilt Group.
We have some exciting things planned as we explore... 

"The Wonderful World of Color"
Dream, Create, Design, Play & be Inspired

Sign-up for Session 9 begins
Monday, July 27th

These are the books we are featuring for this session 
as part of our signing bonus, you may choose one.  
The Blue and Purple books are not available until September & November.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

June Meeting in Review

What a treat it was to hear Jeanette teach us more about color this weekend! 

I appreciated her knowledge, and also the great questions raised by the group. She taught us about saturation and tone, and also the life-changing pound/ounce/pinch concept. 

Besides all of the great technical information Jeanette shared, I loved how she encouraged us to know what we want this quilt to be for us. What is the emotional or physical need this quilt and its process are trying to meet for us? Any reason is fine, but if we know this from the beginning, the outcome will be what we want of it.

Jeanette mentioned picking up a color wheel at any local art or craft supply store and she also talked about getting true light bulbs in the space we sew in, as well as an OTT light. I have picked up the table top foldable ones from Bed Bath & Beyond in the past. I'll tell you the more pricey light I'd like to invest in is the Daylight LED Slimline. I've heard great things from prolific quilt artists about this one, too.

A big thanks to Jeanette for this month's lesson, and I'm looking forward to learning more about dying your own fabric next month. I've learned about this technique before with her, and I can tell you it has changed the way I approach quilting.

Also discussed is the national row-by-row quilt project Broadbents is taking part in, beginning Monday. You can read more about this fun project here

Lastly, Anna's English Paper-piecing class date in August moved, so look into it if you are interested in learning from her in this fun project. 

Next month we will introduce Session 9, sign ups will be in August. We have some great things to share with you, and hope you'll continue to join the fun and friendship of this quilting group. 

Enjoy your summer!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April Meeting in Review

Clearly I was enjoying myself too much to pay attention to my photo quality last Saturday. Hopefully you will remember how beautiful these mini's were in person. Here are a few of our mini quilts we showed. There is always more, as well as the beautiful full-sized Show and Tell on the flickr page, link to the left.

JoyLyn shared a few books to get your mini juices flowing:
  • Carrie Nelson's Schnibbles series
  • Katy Jones' 25 Patchwork Quilt Blocks series
  • 101 Fabulous Small Quilts

Soon we will meet outside under the big tree, we will let you know what month that happens in. May's meeting is all about design boards, as well as block placement from an improv perspective. 
We are busy cooking up the next session, so if you have any techniques, themes or ideas you'd like us to consider including, let us know!

Fabric Sale & A Quilt Show

A few times a year Muriel Cook has a fabric sale in her garage. From what I understand, her husband works in the fabric industry as a rep, and gets lots of sample cards. The pieces available are usually fat eighth to fat quarter size, sometimes bigger. This sale is usually worth the time if you're in the area. Here are the details:

11086 N. 5650 W. Highland

April 25 8am-1pm
April 27 9am-6pm
April 28 9am-5pm

Happy shopping!

Also, we failed to mention that the Home Machine Quilting Show is May 7-9. Last year was my first time going, and I really enjoyed it. There are a few vendors, a large quilt competition showing, and an additional large themed display. If you've got time, I recommend it!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Meet the Group: Melissa

So many of you are being such good sports to let me take pictures and to share a little more about yourselves so that everyone can grow together more. I'm really enjoying this process, I hope you are, too.

Next up is Melissa. She also comes with her mother. So special. They seem very close. Mel has been with us for a while, and got married recently. Passages of time and special events are so fun to share with each other. 

Mel likes to sew and quilt because she feels that too many people her age do not do this sort of thing. "They just buy stuff without being concerned about how it happens." I think that captures how we all feel in this group. The HOW is the most important part. And laughing together. That's fun as well.

When I think of Melissa, I think of the awesome medallion she started, at the same time the Nancy Drew fabric was being released. She knew where her medallion went was going to be a mystery to her, so why not make it a true mystery quilt? She started with the blue piece with Nancy Drew searching with a magnifying glass in her center, and appliqu├ęd a big white question mark on top. I loved it. She's hoping now that she's in a phase where she has a bit more time, she can get back into it. And we will be eagerly awaiting it!